How To Use The Break Through Protocol

When it seems like nothing is working out for you and you have lost faith in your action plan, there is still a way out of this state of hopelessness.

The important thing is to never give up on your dreams and your goals. There is always a way to overcome any obstacle that you face.

What Is The Break Through Protocol?

The break through protocol is a process that everyone can follow to overcome any obstacle that they are face with whilst pursuing a dream or a goal.

Our bodies and minds have been programmed by our habitual thoughts and actions to keep us in the comfort-zone and within the familiarity that we have got used to.

We experience a desire for a better lifestyle, luxury possessions, favorable circumstances… as a result of these desires we devise plans and start to take actions to transform the dream into reality and achieve the goals that we have set.

In the beginning we are really excited and continue taking the necessary actions to achieve our desires, but eventually we are faced with major obstacles.

These obstacles that we face cannot be overcome with normal actions that are listed on our action plan. They require the application of the break through protocol.

We will need to overload our mind to change the subconscious programming. We will need to take massive action to break the habits that are holding us back.

The break through protocol is a way of overloading the mind with relevant information to erase habitual though patterns that are holding us back from achieving our goals and living our dreams.

The break through protocol also involves us taking massive action to break out of bad habits that are holding us back from the success that we truly desire.

Developing The Mindset That Creates Success

Our subconscious has developed a self-image of us that we cannot break out of using normal thinking. This self-image has been engraved into our subconscious mind as a result of habitual thought patterns.

The only way to break out of this old self-image is by replacing it with one that has a vision of you as the successful person that you wish to become.

You will need to bombard your subconscious mind with visions of the positive self-image that you want to create. You can do this by using visualization and self-hypnosis.

You need to see yourself as the person that you would like to become throughout the day. Your belief in yourself has to become rock solid. You will not to believe in the lifestyle that you want to create before it becomes your reality.

If your desire is to create a luxurious lifestyle, you can start by watching videos of luxurious lifestyles on YouTube and also affirming to yourself that you are also living a life of luxury before it happens.

The secret is to see it and believe it to bring it into your reality. Once you start to feed your subconscious mind with the vision of what you truly desire, you will be inspired to take action. Once you get these inspirations from your subconscious mind, you must act on them.

Alter your mindset by feeding it with the image of the lifestyle that you truly desire and take massive action to transform the images into reality.

You Have To Do The Work, Even Though You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

There will be many days that you will not feel like doing any of the work. Your subconscious mind will try and make you give up on your dream. Your subconscious mind has got used to the habitual thoughts and it will try and stop you from interrupting these thought pattern.

You must force yourself to take action to break free from these thought patterns that are responsible for the reality that you are currently experiencing.

By changing the habitual thought patterns and the emotions that these produce, you will be able to change the reality that you are experiencing.

I Started To Doubt This Reality Creation Process

I had made a decision to transform the lifestyle that I was currently living. I have had enough of living from pay day to pay day, working extremely long hours just to meet my monthly expenses.

I create a plan of action to enable me to build up a substantial monthly income using the internet to enable me to quit my current employment.

I kept on taking the actions outlined in the plan that I put together, but it was not producing the results that I expected. Eventually I started to get frustrated and was about to throw in the towel, but something within me inspired me to carry on.

I have thrown in the towel many times during my life, but had my most successful years from the age of 23 years old to 33 years old. These 10 years were really productive, I worked and studied like crazy during these 10 years of my life to reach the top of my profession.

It all started to fall apart back in 2003 and has been like this for nearly the past 20 years. I still cannot forget the incidents back in 2003 that ripped my body and soul apart.

I had to battle everyday to keep myself focused whilst relying on anti-depressants. It was a struggle, a lot of things have happened in my life during the past few years.

I started to re-program my mind to try and put the past behind me and create a better future for myself. A select number of people have helped me out during the darkest time in my life. I truly appreciate the support they have provided.

The people who were the closest to me have been plotting to take away as much from me as they can. I have put in a lot of time and effort to try and sort everything out, but the evil and greed that resides within the people that I have helped the most are trying to take that which does not belong to them.

The thoughts related to these evil plots have kept me away from creating my own legacy. I have now decided to let them take whatever they want. I have let go of these possession and will find my own way in the world.

My Own Break Through Protocol

I have started to positively impact my subconscious mind by reading as many books on subjects that will enable me to transform my lifestyle. I am focused on creating financial freedom, leading to time freedom.

Everyday I am focused on my dream of creating a better lifestyle for myself. I visualize myself as already having created a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

The comfort-zone had been trying to hold me back many times, but I have managed to force myself to get focused again and again. I will not let the comfort-zone rob me off the lifestyle that I truly desire.

Sometime I start getting headaches whilst trying to cram in as many books as I can. I force myself to continue as I know the old thinking and beliefs are getting replaced with the new programming.

Many days I feel really lazy, but I mange to force myself to take action to snap out of the comfort-zone that is trying to hold me back.

Sometimes I start thinking to myself why I continue writing these blog post, as they are not getting indexed by google.

I have decided to continue writing these posts to keep myself focused on my dream and goals. It does not matter if the blog gets monetized slowly. I will keep on posting updates to keep a record of the process for myself.

Maybe one day in the future this blog will get monetized via AdSense. I will continue fighting the blog war against the AI tools. It takes time and effort writing these blog posts and people will be able to tell that I am writing the posts myself and it’s not AI generate content.

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