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How To Use Accelerated Leverage To Build Multiple Streams Of Online Passive Income

I will be applying accelerated leverage to build a substantial monthly passive income using the internet in 12 months. I analysed my results and had to implement new strategies.

I Had To Modify The Online Passive Income Building Strategy

I was teaching people to build their own marketing system. This is the best method of online marketing, but it takes a lot of time and effort for most people, especially if they are new to internet marketing.

I realized that most people are working extremely long hours to make ends meet. I work 12 hour long night-shifts as a corporate security officer. I have put in a lot of time and effort to learn to build an online marketing system.

I have figured out the components that are required and used online tools to build my own online marketing system. Once you are building a substantial monthly passive income, you may want to follow this route.

I cannot expect everyone to take the same route as myself, only a select few will be have the patience and persistence to take this route. I need to offer something that everyone can use and pass onto their referrals.

I looked for something that would enable duplication to take place rapidly. An online marketing system that anyone can use, it had to be simple enough for the complete beginner.

I started looking for the most viable solution available. It had to be a system that had been field tested, and produced exceptional results.

FREE Done For You Online Marketing System

I found a done for you marketing system that enables anyone to build 5 streams of monthly online passive income. The great thing about this online marketing system is that you can get it for FREE.

It is the Plug-In-Profit Site created by Stone Evans. Some of you may have come across this system before. The great thing about this system is that it has stood the test of time and it is still producing amazing results.

The setup of the marketing system is completely FREE, you just join the online passive income streams. You get your own website and you also get to capture your own leads.

You will be building 5 streams of monthly online passive income, and you also get to build your own email list. You get the exact same copy of the marketing system, you keep the commissions and also the leads.

I came across this system back in 2008, I had some success with it. I gradually moved onto other bricks and mortar ventures and abandoned internet marketing for a long period. It was not the system that had failed, it was may decision to move away from online marketing.

This system is still relevant in 2024 and the passive income building potential is phenomenal. In my opinion it is the best system to use in building a substantial monthly passive income rapidly. It offers accelerated leverage by combining the concept of duplication and leverage.

I have been talking to Stone Evans recently, the founder of this system. He has assured me that it still as relevant today as it was back in 2008. The global economy is in financial uncertainty, and many people are looking for alternative ways to earn money.

The 5 passive income opportunities associated with this system have been paying commissions for many years. They are some of the most stable income opportunities on the internet. The opportunities are also global and can be operated from anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet.

The power of duplication and leverage offered by this system will enable you to reach your online passive income goal within a few months.

Have It Up And Running In A Day

You can have it up and running in 24 hours. It took me approximately 2 hours to get it up and running. The process is mostly automated, but you need to join the passive income opportunities, and get your referral links.

My site is up and running at:

You can also use a direct link to give away the marketing system for FREE to others. This creates rapid duplication, and leverage is also built into the 5 online income opportunities.

You will have the forces of duplication and leverage working to your advantage. These are key elements in creating financial freedom. The pay plans associated with most of the opportunities have leverage built into them.

Once the system is up and running, all you need to do is to send traffic to your site or the link to your FREE marketing system giveaway.

I will be sending people directly to the FREE online marketing system give away, as this cuts out the fluff and goes straight to the point.

This is a simple online marketing system, yet it offers the potential to build a substantial monthly passive income quickly. It is not a get rich quick system and nor are the opportunities included in the system. When I say “Quick” I mean approximately 12 months. I understand this as quick, as I have been stuck at my current employment for a much longer time than 12 months.

Just think about the time you have been trading your time for money. How many years have you been doing it?

If you take massive action for 12 months with this system, you can definitely transform your life. It is a way out of the trading time for money trap. I have decided to take action with this. I invite you to take a look at it and make a decision now.

Take 100 Days Of Consistent Marketing Action

I will be taking 100 days of massive marketing action to build the 5 online passive income streams. This will enable me to continue building my other online income streams too.

I am looking to build around 10 online passive income streams within the next 12 months. Just imagine getting 10 pay checks every month.

This can become your reality if you put in the marketing effort and remain consistent for 100 days. Within this time you will build up enough momentum see results. I truly believe in building multiple streams of passive income, especially by using the internet.

I will be sending traffic to my FREE give away site daily for the next 100 days. My goal is to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 by 31st December 2024.

In know the Plug-In-Profit Site will enable me to do this. It is easy for everyone to follow the simple steps outlined in the system to build 5 streams of online passive income.

You too have the exact same opportunity as myself, it’s just a matter of making and decision and staying committed to taking the daily marketing actions. There are 2 traffic opportunities within the system that you can use to send visitors to your Plug-In-Profit Site.

There are many other traffic programs and methods that you can use to send visitors to your Plug-In-Profit Site. You will find some of the programs mentioned on this blog.

I will need to update my autoresponder messages to reflect these change. I will be offering the Plug-In-Profit Site to people subscribing to my list along with the other passive income opportunities that I am working with. They will also have the opportunity to build their own online marketing system, should they wish to do so.

I am also using this blog to drive traffic to my Plug-In-Profit Site, along with my YouTube Channel. I have just started on this YouTube Channel. It can be a very effective form of free marketing, once you get it right.

I will be creating more videos soon and will continue with my blogging. All the marketing is going to work together to build up the momentum to produce the results.

It is also about developing a mindset that will enable you to continue marketing consistently for 100 days. There will be many times that you will want to give up. You may see little results in the early days, but you will need to push on. The results will follow with consistent effort.

You will need to have a burning desire to escape the trading time for money trap. You will need to believe in yourself and put in the effort. The passive income streams will gradually start to build up month after month.

Once you have established a substantial monthly passive income, you will be able to grow it with much less effort than you had to put in during the initial stage.

If you get started with the Plug-In-Profit Site with me, you will be place in my team. You will be my direct referral and part of my global team. We can work together closely to transform our dreams of passive income into reality.

If you are interested in working with me, get started now.

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