How To Make Money As A Blogger

In this post I will be outlining the key things you need to do to make money from blogging. If these things are done correctly, your blog will start to generate a steady monthly income.

Blog monetization has been broken down into a formula that anyone can use to establish a monthly passive income online.

Select A Profitable Niche

You need to select a niche to blog about that will enable you to earn money from it. Make sure there are a large number of people interested in the niche you have chosen.

If the niche is too large, narrow it down to a sub-niche, that still has enough interest online to enable you to earn money by blogging about it.

You can find out if there are people interested in the niche you have chosen by carrying out keyword research and looking at search volume on google.

Google is going to be the source of most of the traffic coming to your blog. Make sure there are enough buyers within your selected niche.

Some profitable niches that you may want to consider are digital marketing, online income generation, health and fitness, personal finance, cooking and recipes, personal development, sports…

Search on google to see if there are other blogs within the niche you are considering. Find out if these blogs are actually generating income for the owners.

The selection of a profitable niche is very important, as it will determine how much money you will generate from your blog.

The Best Blogging Platform

In my opinion a self-hosted wordpress blog is the best choice for monetization purposes. Don’t waste your time with free blogging options.

A self-hosted wordpress blog will enable you to customize your blog and grow it as you make progress with your blogging. You will also be in control of your content and actually own your own blog posts.

There are many themes and plugins available to customize and add various functionality to your blog. WordPress is relatively easy to learn and there are many tutorial on youtube for free.

You can easily set up a self-hosted wordpress blog using Blue Host for around $2.95 monthly. As your blog starts to grow, you can upgrade to more hosting space.

The great thing about using wordpress is that you can move over your hosting to any company and have your blog and content moved over. Most web hosting companies will do this for you for free.

Write Your Blog Posts

Before you start writing your blog posts, it is worth carrying out some research on the topic of your posts and also on keywords.

Your blog posts will need to provide information that is of value to the visitors within your selected niche. This will ensure that they read the blog posts and also come back to your blog as repeat visitors in the future.

Find out what people are searching for within your niche. Write a blog post to offer them the information they are looking for. You can also suggest products and services that will help them solve the problem that facing them in your chosen niche.

The title of your blog posts need to attract visitors. They need to have keywords within them to get ranked on google.

Make sure your posts have an appealing introduction paragraph to get the visitor to continue reading more of your blog post.

You need to get the visitor interested in reading most of your blog post. Most people just skim over the post. You will need to add sub-headings and also make the text bold on important points to grab their attention whilst they skim through your blog post.

Monetize Your Blog

When you have just created a blog, you will not have much traffic coming into it. Your posts will take sometime to get indexed and ranked by google.

At the initial stage of your blogging journey, you will be able to monetize it using affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate program for products and services related to your blog niche.

You can place affiliate links to these products and services within your blog posts. Make sure that they are relevant to the content of your blog posts. You can also place banners and images within your blog posts to link to the products and services as an affiliate.

Every time a person reading your blog posts clicks the affiliate links and buys a product or service, you will earn a commission. The amount of commission will be determined by the selected affiliate program.

Once there is a sizable amount of traffic to your blog, you will be able to monetize it via advertising programs like adsense and ezoic. For yous blog to reach the stage of having enough traffic to get monetized via advertising can take a minimum of 6 months.

After you have branded yourself or your blog as an expert in your chosen niche, you will be in a position to create your own info products like e-books, videos and courses. This can boost the income from your blog significantly.

Build Your Email List

You should start building your own email list as soon as possible. Every subscriber on your email list will become a prospect that you can recommend products to as an affiliate. You can also recommend your own products, once you have created them.

An email list can earn you additional income many times. Every email sent out to your list of subscribers will have the potential to earn your commissions and also income from your own products and services.

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

GetResponse is one of the most popular autoresponders used by many bloggers. You can get started for free and opt for a paid membership as your list grows beyond 500 subscribers.

Stay Consistent

You will need to stay consistent with your blogging until you reach a minimum of 100 posts. It may take 6 to 12 months for your blog to attract enough visitors to get it monetized using adverts.

Your blog can take over 12 months to generate a substantial monthly income from affiliate marketing and advertising revenue. Stay consistent with your blogging until you have built up a substantial income, after that you can relax a little and just maintain the blog traffic by adding and tweaking a few posts.

The first 6 months may be a little difficult as you will need to blog regularly to build up the traffic and momentum.

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