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How To Escape The Vortex Of Negativity – One Step At A Time

Life will always try and suck us back into the vortex of negativity. There are some steps that we can take to escape this downwards spiral, before we get trapped in it.

Keeping A Positive Mindset

I have been working at keeping a positive mindset to enable me to escape the negativity around me. Everyday there are challenges that I have to face. Everything that can go wrong starts to go wrong. I though that Murphy had forgotten me, it looks like he is hunting me down.

I will not let these challenges distract me from my goal of escaping the trading time for money lifestyle by 31st December 2024. I have had deal with many unexpected expenses lately. I kept a positive attitude and managed to find the money to cover these expenses.

There have been many incident that tried to push me towards reacting badly, but I managed to keep my cool and deal with them in the best possible way.

I will not let petty external events trigger the spark of negativity. I am focused on my goal and my dream of creating a better life for myself.

You Have To Become Bigger Than Your Problems

I am currently working in job that evolves trading my time for money. I used to complain about everything that was wrong with the job. I have now realized that I am still there because I have not developed the mindset and become the person that does not belong in that environment.

By focusing on all the bad things related to this job, I am attracting more of the same. This negativity is affecting my subconscious mind and keeping me in this environment.

I have decided to accept the work environment for what it is and also accept the behavior of the people there. I don’t want to change them any longer, I am focused on changing myself.

The neighborhood that I live in is not to my liking, but I have accepted it for what it is. I am focusing on working on myself to enable me to move to a better neighborhood. As long as I am stuck in my present neighborhood, I will face all the problems associated with it.

The only way to escape from the current negativity in my life is by working on improving myself everyday. I need to focus on myself more instead of on others or external events.

I have to work on becoming bigger than my problems to enable me to eliminate them from my life. When you have evolved your mindset greatly, your current problems will start to seem insignificant.

Stay Focused On Your Major Goal

I know that I always mention that you should stay focused on your major goal. It is a reminder for you and also acts as a reminder for myself.

I get distracted my the events in my life and lose focus on my dream. When I catch myself doing this, I immediately take action to center myself and get focused again.

I do this my using affirmations, visualization and meditation. When things are going well, you should not forget about these tools. They will keep you focused and help to keep you on track towards accomplishing your goal in life.

Some people may say that it is not worth being ambitious, and we should our life as it is. I have come to believe that the purpose of life is to challenge yourself towards become the best that you can be.

My daily blog posts also help to keep me focused on my dream of building a substantial monthly passive income using the internet. I cannot let myself forget this, I cannot lose focus.

I could have just accepted my life as it is now, but I have made a decision to transform it. There is much joy to be found on the path, as it will also transform you as a person.

Your life will become dull and mundane without any goals. I believe that goals keep us active and add vibrancy to our lives. I get excited whilst writing these blog posts as they allow me to analyze my thoughts and connect with my dream.

Do What Is Important To You

In life you will need to make yourself, your number one priority. You should work towards improving yourself and accomplishing the things that you truly desire.

Most people keep themselves back from achieving their dream by trying to please others. Some people sacrifice their lives for the happiness of family members and end up with nothing in life. They are easily forgotten by the people that they sacrificed their own dreams for.

You need to step up and make a decision to work on your own dreams. Your happiness has to come first, and you deserve it.

You cannot help others whilst you are depressed and living in poverty. You can only help others when you are happy and wealthy. I have wasted most of my life doing what is considered right according to South Asian Culture.

My father sacrificed his life for the good of his extended family and ended up with nothing much for himself. I followed the same route and will end up with nothing unless I do something about it.

I have made a decision to build a substantial monthly passive income using the internet. Once I have accomplished this goal, I will work on building other passive income streams that will enable me to meet my expenses for the rest of my time on this planet.

You cannot rely on anyone to provide for you in your golden years. You will need to build your own passive income earning assets to enable you to meet your expenses.

I get distracted by many people, but I know it is entirely down to me to keep myself focused on what’s important to me. I need to prioritize my own needs before trying to please others.

I only have a limited amount of time everyday, and I intend to use it productively towards building my online passive income streams.

Sometimes it is difficult to write these blog posts, as there is not much time available. I mange to get myself to do it anyway. It may mean that I get a couple of hours less in sleep time.

I cannot sleep until I have completed my daily marketing tasks, as it will keep on bugging my mind. It is better for me to completed my tasks and then get a few hours of peaceful sleep.

One Day I Will Look Back On These Blog Posts

My life may not be as I want it to be, but I am making progress towards making it better. Everyday I am working towards getting out of the trading time for money lifestyle.

Currently, I have a lot of things to deal with and also experiencing the stress of trying to make ends meet. Earning more money will solve many of these problems, but I cannot trade anymore hours of my time for extra money.

I need to build passive income streams, it is the only way towards creating the time freedom that I desire. Times are difficult now, but I believe that they will start changing very soon.

One day I will look back on these posts and remind myself of the humble beginnings. The sacrifice that I made in time, effort and money to get to the earning a substantial monthly passive income. The life of struggle to the life of freedom and abundance.

I know these blog post will become memories etched in the fabric of time. A reminder of my hard work and resilience that has led to the lifestyle that I will live in the future.

Today it is but a dream, soon it will become my reality. I have full belief that I will accomplish my goal and eager to put in the actions that are necessary to make it happen.

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