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How To Build Passive Income Streams Using The Internet

In this post I will reveal how you can get started on building passive income streams using the internet.

Understanding Passive Income

Passive income is money that comes in regularly without you having to do much work for it. You may have done the work previously to establish the passive income stream. You may also have invested in assets that earn you passive income like rental properties and dividend paying stocks.

Active income is money that is paid to you for actively working in a job or selling a product or service. The difference is that you are actively doing something to earn this type of income.

Back in the days the most common type of passive income was from investments in rental properties and dividend paying stocks and shares. The internet now allows you to build passive income by referring products and services as an affiliate. Some of the companies pay you commissions for every purchase made my the person you referred to the product or service.

Some of these companies have a monthly subscription in place. This allows affiliates to earn a commission every month their referrals pay the subscription fee. This can build a substantial monthly passive income for affiliates.

A select number of companies also pay out commission on multiple levels. This offers leverage and can help to build a substantial monthly passive income rapidly.

Getting Started With Passive Income Online

Building passive income streams requires you to adopt a delayed gratification mindset. You may not see results immediately, unless you are investing a large amount of money.

In this post I will be dealing mainly with building passive income streams using the internet. These income streams will mainly be in the form of affiliate commissions.

You give yourself a minimum of 12 months to see significant results. As building these passive income streams will take time and effort.

You will also need to budget $100 to $300 monthly to invest towards building your passive income streams. Building passive income streams using the internet will also take time and effort, you should work on it for a minimum of one hour daily.

All the tools and resources that you need to build passive income streams using the internet will be revealed in this post. You can get started immediately and take action towards transforming your financial circumstance.

I will outline some of the ways to earn passive income using the internet.

Affiliate Marketing: This involves the marketing of products and services from other companies and individuals. They provide a unique referral think that you use to send people to the companies website. Once they purchase a product, service or create a monthly subscription, you get to earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online income streams to get started with, but it requires time and effort to build a substantial income with it.

Blogging: You can use blogging as a platform to earn affiliate commissions and also advertising revenue. The takes time and effort to build a blog that receives a significant amount of visitors to enable you to generate a good income from advertising revenue.

Once you have a large amount of visitors flowing into your blog, you will be able to earn money from sponsorship deals with companies and brands.

Dropshipping: You can build passive income by selling products online using the dropshipping model. This will allow you to earn passive income as the order processing and shipment is carried out by the third party company. Your job is to drive traffic to your site that lists the products.

Digital Products: You can also sell digital products in the form of eBooks, online courses, digital art work, planners and many other items. The great thing about these is that you produce it once and can sell it as many times as you want.

You can list the products on your own site using programs like Shopify. With this option you will have to drive visitors to your site to generate sales. You will get to keep most of the income generate from these sales.

The other option is to list your digital products on sites that already market places. You can list your eBooks on Amazon’s kindle platform. You can also list your digital products on sites like Etsy. These sites have a large number of targeted visitors and your products will be placed in front of them.

Investing In Dividend Paying Stocks: You can invest in dividend paying stocks on sites like eToro and Trading 212. You will need to invest a large amount of money to earn a significant amount in the form of dividends.

With this option, your money will be stuck in the stocks. This option is great for people that already have a substantial amount of passive income coming in every month. You can use this option to build another stream of long term passive income.

Building Your First Passive Income Stream

If you don’t have much capital and time to work on building your passive income streams, I would suggest that you go with the affiliate marketing model. Work with companies that pay out a monthly commission on subscriptions, as this will allow you build a monthly passive income.

Also look for companies that have been around for a long time and paying out commissions consistently. Another thing to look for is leverage to enable you to build your passive income faster. Some companies payout commissions of multiple levels and have pay plans that have leverage built into them.

I am using a done for you system to build 5 streams of online passive income. You can get started with this option to build a substantial monthly passive income and move onto creating other passive income streams.

The important thing to note is to work with a delayed gratification mindset. It will take time and effort to build these online passive income streams. Once they are established, you will be rewarded highly every month.

Scaling And Managing Your Income Streams

You can boost your passive income streams by putting in massive marketing action during the initial phase. Work on building your online passive income streams like crazy for a minimum of 100 days and you will see results. Most people give up before they even get started.

Treat your venture into building online passive streams like a real business. Use social media to leverage your marketing efforts. Sites like YouTube and TikTok can drive many prospects to your online business.

You can use YouTube for videos to explain things in detail and use short videos for prospecting on TikTok. It is a matter of uploading a large number of quality videos to get the results.

Manage your time effectively and follow your marketing plan. Stick to the list of action that you have planned for the day and week.

There will be many times you will want to slack, these are the times that you will need to take action. You may not see results during the initial few week, but you will need to stay consisted with your marketing. It will take some time to build up momentum to make the breakthrough.

The more effort you put in the higher your passive income earnings will reach. Once you have established 5 passive income streams and are earning a significant amount, you can move onto building additional passive income streams.

Advanced Tips And Tricks

Once you have established a substantial monthly passive income, you can start working towards creating financial freedom.

Start a blog and share your strategies and income opportunities with others to boost your earnings. Learn SEO strategies to get your blog posts ranked on Google. This will drive highly targeted visitors to your blog and generate more prospects for you.

Capture leads into an autoresponder and automate your marketing by sending out information via follow-up emails. Work on your copy writing skills to create email follow-ups that produce results.

Analyze the emails that you receive from other successful online marketers and use them as a guide to write your own. Once you have built a large list of subscribers, you will be in a position to print money on demand.

You will be able to promote products, services and opportunities as an affiliate and earn commissions rapidly. Once you have your own digital products, you will be able to promote it to your list of subscribers.

Some of the top internet marketers have email list with over 100,000 subscribers. Once you have a list of over 10,000 subscribers, you will be in a position to earn a significant income from every email that you send out.


It all start with a desire for building passive income streams. You can transform this desire and dream into reality by using the Plug-In-Profit Site.

You will have to take consistent marketing action, as this is not for the instant gratification mindset. You will be developing skills that will enable you to build a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

I invite you to get started with the Plug-In-Profit Site and work closely with me for the next 12 months to build a substantial monthly passive income. You will be building 5 streams of passive income using this proven marketing system.

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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