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How To Build A Monthly Passive Income With LiveGood

When you join my global LiveGood team, you become my business partner. We work as a team to build a large global network that will benefit every team member.

The LiveGood Online Business Opportunity

The LiveGood business opportunity has been operating for since August 2022 in the USA. It has now gone global and is available in most countries around the world.

You can build your own online business with LiveGood by becoming an affiliate member. It costs $40 one-time to join as an affiliate and $9.95 monthly to stay active.

As An Affiliate You Get The Following Tools:

Members Area – Explains all about the business, products and also show your team and commissions earned.

Powerline Landing Page – Used to market the LiveGood business opportunity.

Retail Site – Used to sell products to no-members.

LiveGood Site – For people interested in the products and want to become a member.

Product Pages Super Reds, Super Greens

Company calls and video presentations to learn about the products and the business.

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Erica Burke Has Join My LiveGood Team

I had an email confirmation on my mobile phone that Erica Burke from the United States has joined my LiveGood Team. She is now my business partner in this opportunity.

Erica Burke Joined My LiveGood Team

It is in my interest to help her build a team of her own and succeed with this business. Her success will contribute to my success in building a team and also earn more commissions for both of us.

The multi-level pay plan provides everyone with a win-win opportunity. We work as a team to build a global network of customers and affiliates. The larger our team grows and the more sales we generate, the higher our commissions will be.

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A Video Of Me Ordering Products From LiveGood

I have ordered some Vitamin D3-K2 form LiveGood. The prices are reasonable, even with the shipping cost and taxes applied for delivery to the UK.

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I’m Getting Leads Daily

Everyday I’m getting many people looking at my LiveGood business. They are taking the free tour as pre-enrolees to learn about the business. Some of them will lock-in their position in the company matrix by becoming affiliate members.

Many people will take the free tour, but only a small number will join. The more people you get to take the free tour, the more chance you will have of some of the becoming affiliate members.

In the perfect world, you will only need to refer 3 to 5 members and they will do the same, and this process will duplicate multiple levels down to build a large network.

In the real world you will need to refer many members, until you find the ones that are ready and willing to build a network like yourself.

Start with the first step of referring 2 affiliate members to reach the Bronze Rank and help the member you refer to also reach Bronze Rank.

The affiliate fee that you paid ($40) can be earned back by referring only 2 members. Every affiliate member that you refer will earn you $25 as fast start commission.

2 x $25 = $50 from 2 referrals. If fact you will be $10 in profit.

You will also start earning commissions from the matrix pay plan every month. You will also start receiving matching bonuses as the earnings of your direct referrals grows. These matching bonuses can really boost your earnings.

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Is LiveGood A Pyramid Scheme?

The answer to the above question depends on what you understand by the term “Pyramid Scheme”. The pay plan offered by LiveGood is based on a Multi-Level-Matrix (2 x 15).

LiveGood pays you to build a business and also pays you commissions on products sold by your network.

The real question that you should be asking is “Is LiveGood A Legal, Legitimate Business Opportunity?”

The answer to that question is YES!, otherwise it would have been shutdown. The pay plan is disclosed online to members and no-members.

The “Pyramid Scheme” label came into existence from shady money games, where there was no real products are services involved. The meetings were done in closed room and no-disclosure agreements were signed. Money was moved up the pyramid structure till it reach the top.

Some shady opportunities involved investing larger sums of money to buy packages earn a percentage of the money back. Most of the money was stuck in the system, until the opportunity collapsed. The people at the top ran off with all the money, leaving the vast majority with great losses.

Some network marketing companies were also assigned the label of “Pyramid Scheme” as the products were inflated in price. You also had to order higher priced product packages to move up the ranks. These shady practices caused a large number of people to lose money.

Most of these shady companies usually get shut down very quickly.

All big businesses operate on a pyramid structure and are not schemes or scams. This is how the world of business and commerce works.

LiveGood costs $40 one-time to become and affiliate member and $9.95 monthly to use their tools to build your own online business. You will never pay more than $9.95 monthly!

The commission from LiveGood are not piled up, they get payed out weekly and monthly. LiveGood have taken the best from affiliate marketing and network marketing to create a hybrid pay plan that is ethical and provides leverage.

The people who think that LiveGood is a scam cannot build a business with all the tools and training offered to them. They possess the trading time for money mindset.

In my opinion LiveGood is a legitimate online business opportunity. The products are of high quality and reasonably priced compared to other similar nutritional products in the market.

People with an entrepreneurial mindset will look for and build passive income streams. LiveGood offers people worldwide the opportunity to build a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

You get paid for building your own network of customers and distributors. The $9.95 monthly fee enables members to purchase high quality nutritional products at a discounted cost. A small portion of this membership fee is paid to reward business builders. Affiliate also earn commissions on sales of products generated by their network.

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Listen To Leaders, Not Losers

If your goal is to build a substantial monthly passive income using LiveGood, listen to the people who have already done it or are in the process of doing it.

You should not listen to people that are not involved with LiveGood or people that have failed with it. The failures are usually the ones that move from one opportunity to another, just drifting along and getting nowhere.

If you join my LiveGood team, I will work with you. I will let you know what’s working for me and also work with you to help you develop the mindset that will enable you to succeed with LiveGood.

You will also need to learn how to promote your LiveGood business to others using the internet. Once you have join my LiveGood team, you will find my email address in your LiveGood members area. Contact me and we can work together to build your LiveGood business and earnings.

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