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I joined HealthyNULiving in back in February 2022, nothing much seemed to happen in February 2022 and March 2022. All of a sudden I started to accumulate passive earnings starting in April 2022.

These earnings grew by $1 to $2 daily, now I have $28 in monthly passive earnings. I will get paid this as long as the members within my 2×10 matrix stay active as affiliates in HealthyNULiving.

$5,150 Monthly In Passive Income

The 2×10 matrix seems to be growing without much effort from me. A full 2×10 matrix will earn me $5,150 monthly in passive income. Let’s see how long it takes to reach $100 in monthly passive income from this business.

I don’t know how long it will take to get to $5,150 monthly in passive income. I have given myself 24 months to reach this goal.

Currently it has all been passive, as I have not had much time to promote this opportunity. I will continue as an active affiliate and put in the marketing effort in May 2022.

Staying Optimistic

There are many things going on in my life currently. I have many emotional, financial and health issues to deal with. I am not ignoring these issues like I had done in my past, they are being addressed and on the way to being resolved.

I am currently making changes in many areas in my life. These changes should have been made ages ago, but I am dealing with many things at once.

Life is currently pushing against me and trying to corner me in, but I will not give in after making a promise to myself that I will fix these issues and get back on track again.

Stress makes you inactive and pessimistic, the only way to break free from the chains of stress is my taking consistent action. If you don’t take action, stress will start to paralyze you from within and destroy you.

Exploring More Online Passive Income Sources

I am looking at other online passive income sources. I will start creating some more print on demand products, as this can be accomplished quickly.

I will be looking at creating ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform once there is a steady flow of passive income coming in from the print on demand stream.

I will also be looking at integrating print on demand with an Etsy store. There are a number of people that have been successful using this method.

Currently it all seems like a struggle, but I know it will all fall into place very soon. It is all about getting to over $5,000 monthly in online passive income. Once this initial goal has been achieved, it will all become a game, as my monthly expenses will be covered.

It’s All About Staying Consistent

Even with all the things going on in my life recently, I have decide to stay consistent. I may not be able to write one blog post per day, but if I keep on writing my thoughts consistently, I will be able to write one post in 2 to 3 days.

At this rate, I will still be able to write 2 to 3 posts every week. It’s all about staying consistent and not giving up. The hard work that I am putting in now is going to pay off in 9 to 10 months time.

I know that the results will be be immediate, I will have to focus on the future and do the work now.

Only bad habits provide instant gratification like gambling, drinking and taking drugs. I am not interested in instant gratification, I am looking for long term gains that I can be proud of.

Instant gratification is like trying to make your new born baby call you daddy. It takes time for the baby to learn to speak and you will have to provide the care and support that is required.

Delayed gratification is long lasting and the results stay with you for a long time. The happiness from delayed gratification will continue, unlike that from getting high on drugs and alcohol.

Accept The Challenges Life Offers You

You will need to accept the challenges that life throws at you. These are given to you for a reason, and you must face them and overcome them. By overcoming challenges in various areas in your life, you will become stronger in these areas.

Like the saying goes “No pressure, No Diamonds“. If you want to become as tough and valuable as a diamond, you need to experience the pressure.

I am currently experiencing the pressure, I should have faced up to these challenges a long time ago. If I don’t deal with these issues now, Saturn will keep on returning.

I have made a decision that 2022 is going to be the year that I move towards freedom. I want to eliminate the negative influences in my life. If something in my life is not adding to my happiness, it needs to be removed.

My time and attention is valuable and I will not waste it on idle gossip. I will use my time constructively to create a better lifestyle for myself. If anyone is on a similar path, I will support them.

Keeping It As Passive As Possible

I am looking at keeping all my online income streams as passive as possible. I know that it will take time and effort to establish these income streams. I am willing to put in the hard work now to enable me to reap the rewards later on.

Affiliate marketing can become a passive income source once the traffic to my blog starts to pick up. I will also start promoting affiliate programs that pay a recurring monthly income.

Print on demand can also become another stream of passive income. It will need a lot of time and effort to get it established.

Some of the passive income streams that I will look at for the future are advertising revenue from this blog and also my YouTube channel.

My initial goal is to get to over $5,000 monthly in passive income from a combination of affiliate marketing and print on demand.

Every post on this blog will eventually become a miniature stream of passive income. Some of the posts will generate more income than others. The income generated from the posts will continue to build up as they get indexed and ranked by google.

The journey towards building passive income streams using the internet continues. I will not give up, I will reach my initial goal within 24 months. It has only been two and half months into this journey. I am confident that the results will start to materialize very soon.

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