Has Everyone Swallowed A Nightmare Pill?

It’s approaching the middle of January 2023, the new year has only just started. People seem to be acting really strange, as though they are living a daily nightmare existence.

The negativity around me is highly toxic and seems to be spreading like a zombie plague. Is the world going to be taken over by negatrons?

From Negativity To Negativity

There have been many global recessions during my lifetime. The ones in 1975 and 1982 were too early in my life for me to remember, I was too busy with childhood.

I was a student during the recession in 1991, which was supposedly triggered by the Gulf War. I don’t really know the exact causes, but my family business was affected significantly during this time.

The global recession in 2009 is the one that affected me directly, as it led to the collapse of my business and impacted my finances greatly.

I started to gradually recover from the financial losses without filing for bankruptcy. I am still paying off these debts.

It seemed as though everything was about to fall into some sort of order, but it was not to be. The pandemic caused by covid-19 brought down global economies.

2020 to 2022 managed to wipe out most peoples dreams and plans, including mine. As the lockdown ended, the war in Ukraine started and is still ongoing into 2023.

The sanctions placed on Russia by the west have backfired and caused western economies to reach breaking point. Russia blocked sales of cheap oil and gas to western nations. There is a lot more to this, and goes into shipping insurance and oil price setting.

The cost of living has gone up exponentially due to all these global events and looks like it will continue rising. The cost of food, transport and energy bills are forcing many people to lives of poverty.

Wages have not increase much and many have remained static, causing people to suffer drastically. The world governments are not doing much to end this suffering.

Corporate Cutbacks

Many companies have started to cutback on their recruitment and are also laying off staff. This has caused a great deal of negativity with the workplaces.

Some staff members have applied for roles to promote themselves, these are now being covered by temporary staff. Some of the people that applied for the roles are not able to cope with the rejection and the frustrations have started to show.

In the near future, many employees will be made redundant. Mass unemployment is coming to the western nations, unless this negativity can be reversed.

It looks as thought everyone has taken the nightmare pill. Unless we all wake up and realize that this negativity can be reversed, many people will suffer needlessly throughout the world.

There Is No Reduction In Resources

There is still the same amount of resources available in the world as the boom times of the 80’s and 90’s. What has changed is the flow of these resources has been restricted. There is not any less money in the world, it has just piled up in to the hands of a select few.

Many people have started to hoard money. This is starving economies and businesses worldwide. Money needs to move around to make the world run smoothly.

The production, movement and consumption of goods has to increase to kick start the global cash flow and drive out the negativity.

When people move towards a cash hoarding mentality, the economy suffers. What is the point of having money, if you are not spending it?

There reality is that, there is enough for everyone in the world to live a comfortable life. I don’t really want to get into the details of who or what is responsible for the global recession and mass human suffering in this post.

Let’s Start The Cash Flow And Boost Optimism On A Global Scale

For most people the earnings from their current employment is not enough to enable them to live a comfortable lifestyle.

The earning prospects for the future does not look too promising in most jobs. You need to have a “Plan B” or a “Side Hustle” in place to lift up your optimism and drive away the negativity.

You need to have something to look forward to, otherwise your days will continue to be miserable.

It’s not easy to build up a second income in a traditional way whilst still working your main job. The best way to build up a second income is by using the internet to create a passive income stream.

You don’t want to take the route of stocking and selling your own products, as this takes up too much time and effort. This is very difficult to do on a part-time basis. Trust me on this, I’ve tried it with eBay and Etsy.

You need to work with an online income opportunity that can be worked using the internet only. You don’t want the hassle of processing orders and returns.

You also need to work with an opportunity that offers leverage, as it will take you too long to build up a sizable income working on your own. Do you have a side hustle in place yet?

Take A Look At What I’m Doing To Build A Second Income Online

I am working with an online income opportunity that can be operated 100% using the internet and offers massive leverage.

It is low cost and can build you a substantial monthly income within a shot-time period.

Your earning will depend on your effort and also on your teams effort. You can take advantage of the powerline team builder to get started.

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Watch people upgrade in your team before the cut-off period and lock them into your team by upgrading before the cut-off period.

I am using the exact same powerline builder to build a global team and also a monthly passive income using this opportunity. I am running this entire business using my smartphone.

You Need To Take Control Of Your Own Destiny

The government is not going to help you during the tough times ahead. Your employer cannot offer job security in this current environment, you need to take action. You are responsible for your own financial status.

Don’t wait around for thing to get better, you need to make them better for yourself and your family, by taking action. Work with me on this opportunity and have something to keep you optimistic.

Most people don’t have the money to build a traditional bricks and mortar business. It is also very risky to start up a traditional business in these chaotic times.

I have decided to use the internet to build up a passive income using this low cost business. I am going to put a lot of effort in to build up this online business.

If you would like to build up a second income using the internet, get started now. You can run this online business using your smartphone. There are no hidden costs involved and it is affordable for the masses to get involved with this business.

Even if this business fails, it will not leave me broke, as it is low cost. If it works out, I will have created a monthly passive income for myself.

There Are Talkers, And There Are Action Takers

I have come across many people who say that they would like to find a way out of their current job. They complain that they don’t have the capital to start a business of their own. They also complain that they don’t have the time to start a side hustle.

You can talk and complain all day, but nothing is going to happen unless you take ACTION. I am offering you an online business that you can start with little capital. It will not take up a large portion of your free time.

You can build it up on a part-time basis, whilst still working at your current job. You don’t need any special equipment or courses to attend to get started.

It is 100% online and you don’t need to get involved with order process, delivery or returns. It is a simple business to run and you get all the online tools to get started.

Stop complaining and take action…. get started now. Don’t wait for the right time to take action, the right time is NOW!

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  1. Recessions are the golden opportunities to make money according to Robert Kiyosaki, the market predictability is atbits best!

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