Getting Into The Flow State

The term “flow” was first coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who is considered as the father of positive psychology. You know you are in the “flow state” when you lose track of time and ideas start to flow into your mind rapidly. You feel good as you start to unravel the solutions to problems and start producing your best work.

This flow state is also know as getting into “the zone“. Your goals become clear and you experience the ability to focus intensively on the task at hand. The more you manage to go into the flow state, the better you start to feel about yourself and the future.

After losing everything and going into a downward spiral, I cried at the state of things. Initially I blamed others for the state that I was in. It took me a long time to make sense of the events that started to unfold just before the pandemic paralyzed the world.

The pandemic period has transformed me totally. I made a promise to myself that I would take actions to become the person that I should have been. Nobody or nothing is going to stop me from getting what I am truly worth. I will focus on myself and create the lifestyle I truly desire and deserve.

The transformation started on the 1st of January 2022. I set alone with a blank sheets of paper in front of my to try and figure out what had gone wrong?

I went through many sheets of paper, just letting the thoughts flow out of my mind. After many hours of emptying out my mind and analyzing the thoughts, I started to devise a plan of action to get me out of the mess that I was in.

I continued to work on the plan for a number of days, until it all started to click into place. I decided that I was going to work on my mindset to become a better person and use the internet to build up multiple streams of passive income to create financial freedom.

After digging down into my past, I now know and believe that I deserve a better lifestyle for myself and my family. I used to think that working hard would somehow create a better life and bring good things into my life. I now realize that hard work is only part of the formula to success.

I know that that I had many successes in the past, and I can use them to transform my mood and eventually my mindset. I started to work on my mental highlight reel, this is a mental video of my past successes and accomplishments.

I started to believe in myself again. I know that I can create multiple sources of passive income using the internet again. I am now my biggest fan, and driven by my desire to accomplish my goal.

I know it’s OK to look at myself in the mirror and say “that man there is an internet marketing legend“. If I don’t believe in myself, no one else will believe in me, it all starts with self belief.

I continue visualizing small accomplishments from the past to build up confidence and belief. I get into the flow state whilst writing my blog posts. My blog also acts like a journal, it helps me to track my mindset and progress.

I used to be my biggest critic, I used to infest my mind with negative talk. I now understand how destructive this is. I am now my biggest fan and continue to motivate myself towards achieving and accomplishing more everyday.

I still remember the pain and the things people have done to me. It has lit up a fire inside me to purse my dreams once again and become the person that I should have been.

Quick successes in the past have made me lose focus and become lazy. I know that I should have continued to build on the successes, I should have aimed for higher goals.

You can never become the best at your chosen niche, you will always be chasing perfection. In reality there is no master, everyone is a student and there are always more lessons to be learned and targets to aim for. Life is a journey, continue to focus on yourself and develop your skills to make progress.

I get into the flow state by focusing on my past successes and visualizing my future successes. The feeling that is created by these visions creates the flow state.

If you truly want to become successful, you cannot waste your time in idle talk. You need to learn to value your time and not let any tom, dick or harry waste it with rubbish talk.

I have realised that the more focused I get o my goals, the more friends I lose. Like the saying goes “There are only 2 seats in a Bugatti and 30 seats on a bus!“. If you want to become part of the 1%, you will need to distance yourself from the 99%.

Most people just talk about becoming successful and creating financial freedom, but are not willing to take action to move towards these objectives. There are many talkers, but only a few doers. In a way I like this, as there is hardly any competition at the top.

The vast majority have accepted the life they are living. I was part of this group, until something triggered my mindset to shift towards the pursuit of a better lifestyle. I knew that I was not satisfied with my current circumstance, I started to believe in myself again.

Everyday I experience the flow state, as my mindset transforms towards creating the lifestyle of my dreams. I can see and feel myself achieving my goals, the flow state creates a feeling of happiness and excitement as I continue working towards my dream.

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