Getting Accepted By Adsense

There are currently 100 post on this blog. It has taken me just over 4 months to get to this stage. I had previously applied to get this blog monetized via adsense. The site was declined due to low traffic and not enough content.

I have applied again after reaching 100 blog posts. I will have to wait up to 2 weeks to find out if google is ready to accept my blog into the adsense program.

After carrying out research online, I have learned that it was easier to get accepted for adsense in the past. Google is now very strict on which sites they approve for monetization via adsense.

I have been blogging consistently for over 4 months now on the MMO (Make Money Online) and Personal Development Niches.

The post are all written by me, so there is no duplicate content, as it is all my work. I don’t know how much this blog will earn from displaying adsense ads or if it will get accepted.

Much Effort Has Been Put Into Writing These Posts

I have put in so much effort, it is all in the hands of google to either accept or reject my blog for monetization via adsense.

I would be happy to be able to earn approximately $200 monthly from adsense. I would be really happy to be able to earn around $500 monthly from adsense.

This $500 monthly could help to fund other online income streams that I would like to create. I would like to get my YouTube channel monetized after getting this blog monetized.

The great thing about adsense is that the money will continue top flow in as long as the content is updated. The revenue will vary from month to month, but it will still come in.

It would really be a dream come true, if I could get to earning over $500 monthly via adsense, as it would enable me to move to the next stage of creating passive income using the internet.

Once I get approved for adsense, I will still need to carry on posting new content to this blog. Currently I have to motivate myself by looking at the invisible, and thinking of it as the possible. I have to believe that the money is coming to me in the future.

Money Talks Louder Than Plans

When the adsense earnings start to show up, they will representations of real money that will be deposited into my bank account. This will motivate me to produce better content as the incentive for getting monetized will be there.

The sight of actual money flowing into my bank account will boost my motivation massively. The feeling of getting paid passive income is ecstatic.

The challenge of earning higher adsense earnings every month will be really exciting. Those cents per click will really start to build up and make the dollars.

I know the MMO (Make Money Online) niche is a really lucrative one for adsense monetization. There are many advertisers willing to pay high amounts for getting their ads noticed.

No Duplicate Or Illegal Content

My blog does not have any duplicate content. The content is not illegal or related to any illegal activities, products or services.

The content of my blog is main steam and I have followed the guidelines set by google. I am not offering any illegal products for sale. The blog covers two niches: passive income and personal development.

Every post on the blog can be monetized via adsense as the content is highly targeted to the specific niches.

The blog post are over 1,000 words in length, this allows for a large amount of room for ad placement. I will continue blogging and adding to the content of the site.

The traffic to the blog should start to increase as the posts start to get indexed by google. It takes approximately 8 to 9 months for content to get indexed and ranked by google.

I have been blogging for just over 4 months, hopefully I will stat to notice a surge in traffic within the next 4 months. This blog should be getting a regular flood of visitors by August 2022.

Getting To 10,000 Visitors Daily

If I could get 10,000 visitors to my blog daily, I could earn enough from running adsense on this blog to fund other passive income ventures.

The average adsense earning per 1,000 visitors to a blog in my niche is approximately $5.00

If my blog had 10,000 daily, it would earn approximately $5 x 10 = $50

The monthly earnings would be approximately $50 x 30 = $1,500

An extra $1,500 monthly would enable be to create other stream of passive income using the internet. Even If I could earn an extra $500 monthly, this would enable me to create another stream of passive income.

My initial goal is to get to over 100 visitors to my blog daily. I should be able to reach this goal within the next couple of months.

I would like to reach 1,000 visitors daily to my blog by August 2022. Once I have reached 1,000 visitors daily, it will become easier to get to 10,000 visitors daily. It is much harder to get from 0 to 1,000 visitors daily than from 1,000 to 10,000 visitors daily.

When you are going from 0 to 1,000 visitors daily, you are going from nothing to something. The blog is getting established, the content is getting indexed and ranked.

Once your blog is getting over 1,000 visitors daily, it is established. New posts will get indexed and ranked faster. You will be adding to an already established resource on the internet.

Google will know a lot about the type of content your blog holds. I think that google’s ranking algorithm with favor your blog posts and rank them highly. This is because google does not have to go through your post to see if they are suspect, your blog has already proven itself from the previous posts.

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