Generate Over 10,000 Targeted Leads In 365 Days

I have set a goal of capturing over 10,000 targeted leads to my autoresponder within 365 days. I started this challenge on the 1st of May 2023.

Number Of Leads Captured So Far

I have been capturing 3 to 4 leads daily. I started on the 1st of May 2023, it’s been 22 days so far, and I have managed to capture 782 leads.

If you take 3 leads captured on average, I should have 3 x 22 = 66 leads.

The maths does not seem to work out as I have 782 leads. I already had some leads on this autoresponder list and I had captured some during the testing phase.

How many leads do I need to capture daily to get to over 10,000 leads within 365 days?

10,000 leads / 365 days = 27.40 leads per day.

I would need to capture approximately 28 leads daily to reach my target of 10,000 within 365 days.

28 leads per day x 365 days = 10,220 leads

At my current rate of 4 leads daily, I will end up with 4 x 365 = 1,460 leads in a year.

Capturing 4 leads daily is not going to get me to over 10,000 within 365 days. I will have to increase my daily lead capture rate to approximated 28 leads per day.

I am working on strategies to capture leads via video sites like YouTube and TikTok. The lead capture page that I have created seems to be working, it’s just a matter of send more visitors to this page.

Follow My Journey Towards 10,000+ Leads Within 365 Days

My initial goal is to reach 1,000 leads. Currently I have 782 leads in my autoresponder. A small number of leads unsubscribe after getting messages, this is expected.

As long as I am capturing more leads than the number that are unsubscribing, I will be able to reach my target.

It is difficult top find the time to create videos for YouTube and TikTok, but I must do it to boost my daily subscriber numbers.

I need a few videos to go viral to draw in the subscribers. The post on this blog are not getting many views yet, the traffic may increase after a couple more months of posting regularly.

Using Visualization To Attract Subscribers

I will need to write down the magic number of 10,000 subscribers in BIG DIGITS and also the date 1st May 2024 in my A5 notebook and look at it daily.

The above process will program this goal into my subconscious mind. Once it is embedded into the subconscious mind, it will be worked on at the subconscious level to deliver the results.

I don’t know how I am going to get to capturing 28 leads daily, but the subconscious will work out the way and deliver it to me.

The power of the subconscious mind is under estimated, it can transform our lives by enabling us to accomplish our goals.

You can get started with the exact same marketing system that I am using to capture my leads and transform them into team members at

Let me know what you think about the landing page that I am using. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how I can improve it.

I will keep most of my daily blog posts short and to the point. There will be some detailed posts to reveal my results or inform you about important updates and program that I am involved with.

“I may earn commissions as an affiliate from sponsored links within this post”

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