Freedom Is The Ultimate Goal

The freedom to walk into any shop and buy whatever you want without having to look at the price tag. The freedom to order food from a menu without having to look at the price to justify your hunger and taste.

The freedom to travel to exotic locations around the world without having to check your bank balance or wait for discounted holiday packages. The freedom to wake up when you want and do whatever you want without having to worry about how the bills are going to be paid.

Many people seek this freedom, but only a small number actually find it. The world is full of dreamers, but only a small number of action takers.

A dream without taking the necessary actions to transform it into reality will always remain a dream. The opportunity to create financial freedom is open to everyone who is reading this blog post.

The first step towards creating financial freedom involves building up a monthly passive income to replace the earnings from your current job. You need to build up a monthly income that will enable you to meet your monthly expenses.

Once you have established a substantial monthly passive income to meet your monthly expenses, you will have taken yourself out of the time for money trap.

The free time you have after this first step can be used to create true financial freedom by building up passive income streams. You should avoid getting yourself into the trading time for money trap again.

I am currently working on building a monthly passive income using a brand new health and nutrition based network marketing opportunity.

The company is called HealthyNULiving and has a powerful 2×10 matrix compensation plan that can earn you $5,150 monthly in passive income.

There are other bonuses and also a 100% matching feature that can earn you much more commissions.

I am focusing on filling up my 2×10 matrix with the help from my team members to reach $5,150 monthly in passive earnings.

You can get started for free and upgrade to an affiliate member by paying $30 monthly to benefit from the 2×10 matrix compensation plan.

Currently I have 2 members on Level 1, 1 member in Level 2 and 1 member in Level 3.

Join our HealthyNULiving global team to build a monthly passive income for yourself using the 2×10 matrix compensation plan.

Join HealthyNULiving for FREE and explore the whole business model. You will get access to all the products and also the back office to learn everything about this exciting opportunity.

I have had 4 members drop into my 2×10 matrix without actively promoting this opportunity. I joined and posted a video on YouTube and a post on my blog.

I will now focus on building this network marketing business to reach $5,150 monthly in passive earnings by filling up my 2×10 matrix.

If you are interested in working with me and my global team members, join HealthyNULiving now, and get started on this exciting journey.

Most people are dreamers, only a small number are willing to take action to transform it into reality….

Will you let your dream die or are you willing to give it life?

It is not going to be easy to fill the 2×10 matrix, but it is possible. It will require a lot of marketing effort and team building.

Once you have filled up you 2×10 matrix, you will earn a monthly passive income of $5,150. I know some people will drop out of the business and the matrix, but more will fill up the vacant positions.

This replacement of vacant position in the matrix will be passive as you will have built up a significant team and created enough momentum to make it work on auto-pilot.

Even if it takes you 24 months to fill up your 2×10 matrix, it will be well worth the effort. You will be in a position to leave the trading time for money trap after 24 months!

You will be able to develop the marketing skills as you go along. There are many ways to market this opportunity as the whole business in conducted online.

After you have joined, you will get your own unique referral link that you can use to sponsor new members into HealthyNULiving.

The days of holding stock and selling to friends, family and neighbours is gone. You are just doing the marketing, the products are supplied by the company. You will earn commission on all sales generated and also earn from the 2×10 matrix plan.

As an affiliate, you will remain active by paying $30 monthly to earn from the pay plan. You don’t need to fill your garage or bedroom with products and brochures.

I am really excited about this opportunity and motivated to build up a passive income of $5,150 monthly. I know this figure will enable most people to leave their current job and pursue their dreams.

$5,150 monthly works out to $61,800 yearly.

Let’s look at some average salaries:

Australia —> $67,370 yearly —> $5,614 monthly

New Zealand –> $61,028 yearly —> $5,086 monthly

USA —> $56,310 yearly —> $4,693 monthly

Canada —> $54,630 yearly —> $4,553 monthly

UK —-> $41,463 yearly —> $3,455 monthly

If we take the average of the above we get $56,160 yearly. This works out to $4,680 monthly.

$5,150 monthly will enable most people to quit their jobs.

I am currently earning approximately $50,000 yearly or $4,167 monthly. Earning $5,150 monthly in passive income will enable me to leave my current job and focus on creating real financial freedom.

The great thing about network marketing is that I don’t have to leave my current job to get started. I can build the business and earnings on a part-time basis.

Even though this network marketing business is a side hustle, I will treat it like my main hustle. This offers me a way out of the trading time for money trap.

There are many landing pages, splash pages, videos and banners you can use to build your HealthyNULiving business.

You can create videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram to promote your business. You can use blogging to promote it, like I am doing in this post.

If you have a true desire to build up your HealthyNULiving business, there are many ways to promote it online. You don’t need to sponsor your friends, family or neighbours to succeed with this business. You can sponsor people worldwide using the internet.

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