Four Months, And Twenty To Go

I started this blog on the 25th of January 2022, I have been blogging for just over 4 months now. I am writing this blog post on the 30th of May 2022.

I had hoped to have over 100 posts written by the beginning of May 2022, but a few incident in my life have slowed me down.

My 100th Blog Post

I am going to achieve one of my goals for this blog today. I am currently writing my 100th blog post, you are reading it now.

Another of my goals for this blog is to get it monetized via adsense to bring in some initial revenue and build up a stream of passive income.

I had applied for getting this blog monetized, but it was refused as there was not much traffic coming to it and also there was not much content.

After publishing this post, I will apply to get the blog monetized again. There is now a steady flow of traffic to the blog now.

Getting monetized via adsense will not earn me a significant amount of money with this current level of traffic, but it will add to the other income sources.

I will still need to work on building additional monthly income using affiliate programs.

I Have Broken Down The First Obstacle

It has taken me so much time and effort to completed my first 100 blog posts. There have been times I wanted to give up, but I managed to force myself to continue.

I knew that it was going to be possible to reach my goal of earning a substantial monthly income using the internet to enable me to quit my job within 24 months.

During April 2022, I faced a lot of resistance and my mind was trying to stop me from continuing with this blogging adventure. The comfort-zone was really trying to pull me back from creating the freedom that I truly desired.

Even though I had to deal with multiple difficulties, I was not going to let this opportunity slip away from me after on 3 months. I knew I was being tested, I was not going to fail this test.

I have managed to get back into the flow and continue on the path leading towards freedom. I have now managed to get to 100 blog posts. Each of these posts is over 1,000 words and written exclusively by me. It is all my work and my thoughts expressed onto every blog post.

The future is looking bright after a slight spell of darkness. The light is shining bright and the path towards freedom is being illuminated by the power of persistence.

The Next 20 Months Ahead

I set a goal on the 25th of January 2022 of earning over $5,000 monthly in passive income using the internet in 24 months.

4 months have passed since setting this goal. I have learned many things during these 4 months. My mindset has also started to change and by belief in reaching this goal is also becoming stronger.

Once I have reaching my goal of earning $5,000 monthly using the internet, I will be able to quit my current employment.

I have another 20 months reaming to reach my goal. These next 20 months ahead will be really interesting. I am looking to step up a gear and really go for it.

These 12 hour long night shifts as a security officer are really getting to me. I need a way out of this lifestyle. Currently I am working 12 hours, going home to sleep and coming back for another 12 hour shift.

It takes me 1.5 hours to get into work and 1.5 hours to get back home. In reality my work shift is actually 13 hours long, taking into consideration the travel time.

If I add the sleeping time of 7 hours to the 13 hours, I only have 4 hours left out of the 24 hour day. It is virtually impossible to build up my online business, as I don’t have much time.

I have cut back on my sleep time to get and extra 2 hours daily to invest in building my online business and transforming my mindset. I sleep for around 4 to 5 hours daily. This is the sacrifice that I am making to enable me to reach my goal of financial freedom and most importantly time freedom.

Never Complain About Not Having Enough Time

If something is really important to you, you will find the time for it. My number one priority is to build up a monthly passive income using the internet, instead of complaining about not having enough time, I make sure that I find the time!

I know that I will have to make a sacrifice until I have reach my goal of earning enough passive income using the internet to enable me to quit my current employment.

If you want to make changes, find the time to do it or just accept your current situation. I have decided to make a change and will not accept my current situation, I know this is only temporary.

I have made a decision to reduce the time I watch TV and invest this time in developing my mindset. Watching NetFlix serials is not going to help accomplish my dreams.

Once I have established a monthly passive income to enable me to quit my current employment, there will be a lot of time to catch up on NetFlix serials. For now they are out of my daily routine, as my time needs to be used constructively.

I know there is not much to show in terms of earnings after the first 4 months, but I know I am making progress. It is like building a sky-scrapper, the work involved in constructing the foundation is not visible, but it is a key part of the final result. Without the foundation, the sky scrapper will not emerge into the skyline.

The income should start to materialize after the initial 6 months. The monthly earnings should start to increase after July 2022. The earnings should increase significantly every month, taking it to over $5,000 monthly by December 2023.

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