Experiencing The Monday Night Cravings

It was a normal Monday night in the quiet town of Chigwell Row. I was relaxing with my family as it was my last day off and had to be at work the following evening.

The Long Drive To Experience Somali Cuisine

I don’t know what it was, but suddenly we started talking about “Somali Cuisine” and had to try it out as it was highly recommended by my friends and also my son.

We got into the car and drove approximately 20 miles to get to Aldgate East from Chigwell Row. It took a while to find a parking space as there is limited parking available around Aldgate East. We managed to find a parking space close to the main road.

We started to walk down to “Al Khaf”, the much talked about Somali Restaurant in East London. We walked through the alley way leading to the restaurant.

The location of the restaurant looked a little run down. My son told us that the seating area was located at the basement of the small building. As we approached the restaurant’s door, we noticed a piece of paper stuck to the door. We pushed the door and noticed that it was locked.

We started to read the notice on the door. It informed us that the restaurant was going through some refurbishment, and it was likely to take approximately 5 weeks. It looked like a wasted journey, as we were not able to enjoy the much talked about Somali food from the Al Khaf restaurant.

Trying The Bangladeshi Ghur Cha From Green Leaf

I suggested that we head back home, but my elder son recommended that we try some Bangladeshi “Ghur Cha” from the tea place next to the Al Khaf restaurant. We ordered 6 cups of Ghur Cha form the “Green Leaf” tea place. A cup for myself, a cup for my wife and both my son’s wanted 2 cups each.

For those that don’t know…. Ghur Cha is tea made with Jaggery as a sugar replacement. This is the first time I tasted it in London. The fragrance and taste of the Jaggery brought back my childhood memories of Bangladesh.

The tea was a little sweeter than expected, but tasted way better than other specialty teas that I have drank fro various establishments in the UK.

What seemed like a wasted journey turned out to be a worth while experience that bought back memories from my childhood days.

The Blogging Has Started Again

I had been neglecting my blog for a few days, as I need to take a break from the havoc that I had been experiencing lately.

Things have started to work out now and my state of mind has also improved significantly. I have started blogging again to work on my dream.

Sometimes we need a break to help us get focused on our dream. Tonight is my first nigh back at work after 4 nights off. I have started on my 7 night shift pattern.

My 90 Day Marketing Challenge

I am still working on my 90 Day Marketing Challenge with the LiveGood Opportunity and documenting my progress on my YouTube Channel. I have managed to advance to Bronze Rank in LiveGood.

Currently there are 145 subscribers to my YouTube Channel. I start to upload more shorts to boost the number of subscribers. I had stopped uploading shorts as I took a few days away from everything.

Today is day 38 of my 90 day marketing challenge. I am making progress slowly and hope to reach Gold Rank in LiveGood once the 90 day challenge is complete.

I have uploaded my marketing video for day 38 of the 90 day challenge on my YouTube Channel.

Monetizing this blog via AdSense is not going according to plan. It is taking much longer than expected, but I will not give up on this passive income stream.

I will continue blogging on a regular basis to get indexed on Google. I know my blog posts will eventually start to drive enough traffic to my blog to qualify for the AdSense program.

Currently there are over 100 posts on this blog, but most of them have not been indexed by Google. The content is unique by Google seems to ignore the posts.

I cannot really argue with the likes of giants like Google, all I can do is to wait and see what happens. I will carry on doing my part of the work.

I Need To Get Back In Shape Again

I have decided to start training to get my body back into shape again. During my teenage days I was able to do full splits and various acrobatic kicks and moves.

I had trained in various forms of martial arts. My physical decline started after the road traffic accident that I was involved in during 2003. This has affected me in various ways and I have started to erase the memories and accept it as part of my life.

I will start with light cardio training and stretching to build up stamina and flexibility. I know that I will not see any major improvements for a while.

The important thing with any form of training is to stay consistent for long enough to see the results.

The shift pattern that I work is responsible for creating Zombies. Once you work this shift for long enough, you will lose your self-respect. You will come into work and start sleeping on the job and just live a life that consists of eating and sh#iting.

You will look for any occasion to start leaning against anything as you will pile on the weight and start to lose all your self-respect.

I have managed to some how stay away from becoming a Zombie. My self-respect is a little stronger than most of these Zombies.

I cannot get myself to sleep whilst getting paid to do a job. I understand that the only way to get rich is my find a way to make money whilst you sleep. I don’t think Warren Buffett intended this quote for security officers.

Spring Is Slowly Approaching

The winter is coming to an end very soon, some of the trees have already blossomed. As spring approaches, I need to up my game and find a way out of this mess that I have landed myself into. I do not want to carry on work this crazy shift pattern, especially during the night.

I need to sit down and look at my plans again to re-evaluate them. I had planned on leaving my job as a security officer by the end of 2023. This plan has been slowed down by many things, I will need to put these these things right.

I planned to use the winter months to build up a monthly passive income to enable me to cut down my working hours by the start of summer. I cannot keep on pushing the goal post any further, I will need to work on the plan again.

The digital world is being transformed by AI programs like Chat GPT and others that can write a whole blog post or create YouTube videos. The human factor is being taken out of blogging, it reminds of the time when chess computer programs started to take on Grandmasters. IBM’s Computer, Deep Blue was able to beat chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.

Still the question remains, what is the purpose of play chess if it is not between to human opponents? The same applies for blogs. The human factor to blogs will continue to make a difference in the AI dominated world that is emerging.

I will need to keep my blog posts more human and stay away from posting articles. AI is able to write articles but it cannot write my thoughts and my experiences.

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