Enjoying The World Cup

I have been enjoying the FIFA World Cup 2022, whilst working on this blog. I love watching football, especially the world cup.

France v Poland

France managed to score 3 goals against Poland. Giroud scored for France in the 44th minute, Mbappé scored for France in the 74th minute and again in the 91st minute (additional time).

Poland managed to get one back with a penalty by Lewandowski in the 99th minute (additional time). The initial penalty was saved, but it had to be re-taken.

France were the stronger side and deserved to secure their place in the quarter-finals.

England v Senegal

England dominated the match against Senegal. Henderson opened the scoring with a goal in the 38th minute. Harry Kane scored in the 48th minute (additional time). Saka sealed off the win with the 3rd goal in the 57th minute.

England have now secured a quarter-finals spot against France on Saturday 10th December 2022. This match will be the real test for England, as they have not faced any decent opponents yet.

I’m really looking forward to the England vs France quarter-finals match on Saturday. It’s going to be a tough match, but I’m supporting England all the way.

Bricks And Mortal Business

I have been looking at various bricks and mortar business ideas. I would love to start another food business in the near future.

There are two models that you can follow to become wealthy from running a food related business. The first way is to create a unique food item and sell it to as many people as you can. You need to keep the cost low and earn a small profit from a large number of customers.

The second way is to create a dining experience that is unique and really classy. You need to make it worth charging a high price for it. Your customer should feel pampered enough and recommend the experience to others. You can become wealthy by serving a small number of people using this model.

I would like to eventually launch some food products for the masses. I have some unique recipes that I want to share with the world one day.

Snack Restaurant

My initial goal is to set up a fast-food style snack restaurant with a minimal menu. I want to make the whole dining experience fun and truly enjoyable.

I’m not going to go into the details of the business plan yet, as it is something that I would like to do within the next 3 to 4 years. If it goes well, I may even franchise the business.

I need to raise approximately $200,000 to start this type of business. I will be using the internet to build up income streams that will enable me to build up the required capital.

Dream Big, Take Action

If the dream is big enough and important enough, the capital will flow to you. I have many ideas, they will take a long time to implement. I will focus on one at a time by creating the plan, raising the capital and implementing the plan by taking the necessary actions.

I don’t know why, but I don’t really enjoy working for a company. I would rather become self-employed and take control of my own financial destiny.

It is easier to work as an employee and get paid a salary to meet your living expenses. Most people in the world follow this employee route. There are a small number of people who branch out on their own and build up businesses to support themselves.

Become Super Wealthy

A small number of these entrepreneurs become super wealthy as a result of their businesses flourishing. A large number of businesses also fail. Sometimes you may need to experience a few failures before you reach success.

Everyday, as I start getting ready to come into work, I ask myself this question: Am I really destined to stay in my current employment for the next 24 months?

I know that I have the dream and desire to create a better life for myself, still I continue to work at my current job. I need to focus on my dreams and create a plan of action that will enable me to quit my current employment.

If I put in 24 months of intensive effort, I will be in a position to quit my current employment as a security officer. I need to believe in myself 100% and create a plan and work the plan like crazy, until I realize my dream.

$10,000 Monthly Income

I need to build up a monthly income of over $10,000 to enable me to say good bye to my current employment. This can be done within 24 months, but it will require a lot of effort.

Currently I am looking at blogging to enable me to build up this monthly income of over $10,000. I will need to drive approximately 10,000 targeted visitors to my blog daily. I will have to monetize the blog using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue.

If I am able to drive targeted visitors, the monetization part will be easy enough. The hardest part is always getting traffic to your site.

I am currently driving visitors to this blog via Social Media. I need to work on getting the posts ranked on Google to start driving search traffic to the blog.

Currently I am just posting my thoughts via these blog posts. I need to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to get the posts ranked on Google.

10 Unique Visitors Daily

I am getting just over 10 unique visitors to my blog daily via links placed on Social Media. None of the posts have been indexed by Google yet.

I will need to learn how to structure posts, so that they rank well on Google for specific search terms (keywords). There is a large amount of information to go through in this area of getting posts ranked on Google.

I also need to find out which topics the visitors to my blog are interested in. I will conduct a survey in the future. I will have a subscription box up on the blog very soon, once a substantial number of people subscribe, I will ask them for their opinion on what type of content I should publish.

My next goal is to reach 100 unique visitors daily, this will motivate me to continue with my blogging. The money will start flowing in once my blog starts to get over 1,000 unique visitors daily.

I will never get to 1,000 unique visitors daily by focusing on the 10 unique visitors daily that I am currently getting. I am already visualizing my blog getting 1,000 visitors daily and the receiving money from AdSense every month.

The more posts that I write the more visitors I will attract to my blog. I know that these posts have to be well written and not generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs.

I am writing every blog post from content taken straight from my mind or from research that I have carried out. It’s a slow process, but it is as authentic as you can get. The blog posts will improve with time and produce better results.

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