Don’t Let Your Past Shatter Your Future Dreams

You should acknowledge the current situation that you are in, but you don’t have to accept it as your permanent situation.

Let Go Of Your Past

Don’t become a victim of your past, you always have the option to improve your life. The power to make changes resides in the present moment, not in the distant future.

Your current lifestyle has been created by the choices you have made and the actions that you have taken in the past. If you are not happy with the results, you need to make a decision to make changes.

I used to stress about my current financial situation and the overall state of things around me. I have managed to reduce this stress by working on the areas that I am able to change and accepting the things that I am not in control of changing.

Trading Time For Money

I am currently working as a security officer, earning just enough to cover my monthly expenses. I have got myself into this trading time for money situation. I need to find a solution that will allow me to leave this type of work and use my time more constructively.

I have started this blog to figure out how I am going to find a way out of the mess that I have got myself into. I am working a night-shift at work that is being paid at double-rate, but it is the same money that I was earning hourly back in 1998. In fact it would be double the amount, if inflation is taken into account.

I don’t really want to focus too much on the past, it is now gone, and I need to continue with my life. I need to focus on the present and find a way to transform my future into one that I truly desire.

Gathering My Thoughts

Writing posts for this blog is enabling me to carry out research and explore ways of creating wealth. I am also able to order my thoughts and devise a plan of action.

Hopefully these blog posts will also inspire others to take action. I believe that we all have the ability to transform our lives. Only a select number of people exercise this ability that resides within everyone.

I have been reading articles about people in far worse situations then I find myself currently. They have managed to work miracles and transform their lives. These stories have really inspired me to take action and also create the lifestyle that I truly desire.

Minimizing The Distractions

Sometimes you need to cut out all the distractions and concentrate on what is important to you. I value my time immensely and do not like people trying to distract me from doing what is important to me.

Many people are selfish and just value their own time and try and waste your time. I have had enough of these idiots. I have to follow my own plan and ignore these silly distractions.

I don’t want to be stuck in my current employment for long. I am also not looking to make any progress with this role. I need to get out of this type of employment and build something for myself.

There are so many things wrong with my current employment and there are too many things and people that annoy me. I can’t complain, as these people are not cultured and have no respect for others around them.

Adding Fuel To My Desires

I am using these negative elements within my current employment as part of the fuel that is driving me towards building something for myself.

It is not easy to concentrate on the blogging whilst you have people around you with earphones on a screaming over the phone all night. I try to quieten my mind and concentrate on the future that I am working towards building.

I cannot reveal exactly what happens at work as I know that my blog posts are read by some of the people that I work with. These annoyances at work act as driving factors towards moving me out of this comfort-zone.

I had become too comfortable within my current employment. There is not much work to do and I got paid just enough to meet my monthly expenses. The current increase in cost of living has motivated me to take action towards earning my own salary.

I need to get out of the employment market and use my talents to create my own income. I have been looking at affiliate marketing and revenue from placing adverts on this blog as possible solutions.

Blog Monetization

Monetizing this blog will enable me to explore other wealth building options. I need to build up a monthly passive income stream that will take care of my monthly expenses. Once I have achieved this I will be in a position to research and test out other viable wealth building solutions.

The temperature is dropping rapidly, as I remain stuck in a job that requires me to work within a freezing environment. I would rather be in a hot country during these winter months, but I need to work to pay the monthly bills.

One day I will reach my goal of earning enough money for my part-time income streams to enable me to leave my full-time employment. This dream keeps me going, it forces me to continue writing my blog post even when I feel exhausted.

I am writing this blog post on Tuesday the 6th of December 2022. It is a cold night and weather forecast indicates that the temperature is about to drop rapidly within the next couple of days. I am dreaming of being in a better place within 2 years.

I write these blog posts whilst carrying on with my day to day tasks. I don’t have the pleasure of constructing the lay out the blog content before writing it. I have to write it on the fly and complete it within the short time fame that is available to me.

I will continue writing these updates until the blog is monetized. Once it is monetized, I will publish monthly income reports until I reach my goal of earning over $10,000 monthly.

The Break Even Point

Once my posts start getting indexed by Google and I get accepted by AdSense, I will start earning some advertising revenue from this blog. This will allow me to cover some of my costs related to running and establishing my online business.

I will need to earn approximately $300 monthly from this blog to enable me to break even. This is my initial goal, I want to reach this within the next 6 months, by June 2023.

It would be really good to earn this from advertising revenue via AdSense, as this would enable me to continue with my blogging. The majority of the income will come later on from affiliate commissions, as my blog builds up a loyal following.

Currently the blog is relatively unknown, but the visitor number is increasing gradually. My initial goal is to reach over 100 unique visitors daily. This help me to work out which posts are bringing in the most visitors.

Once I have worked out which posts are responsible for bringing in the traffic, I will work on writing more of these types of posts. I know that I will be able to earn approximately $300 monthly via AdSense, once the daily unique visitor reaches above 1,000.

30,000 unique visitors monthly should enable my blog to generate approximately $300 monthly.

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