Dealing With The Cost Of Living Crisis

The average cost of 12 eggs in the UK is around £3.80, and the average cost of a loaf of bread is £1.90 in the UK. The average cost of 4 pints of milk is around £1.90 in the UK. (These prices are based on averages from various shops, not just supermarkets).

Just The Bear Essentials

Just before the pandemic, you could buy a box of 12 eggs, a loaf of bread and 4 pint bottle of milk for under £5.00. The same items would cost close to £8.00 now. That’s an increase of over 60% within the last 4 years!

Rent has also gone up along with council tax, and the increase in energy bills has skyrocketed. Other utilities like broadband and satellite TV subscriptions have also increased by a crazy amount.

Virgin Media want another £9 extra monthly for broadband. The TV license fee is also increasing during this crisis.

It is difficult to maintain a car, as the costs have risen exponentially. The cost of everything has gone up, but wages have not increased to balance things out.

A large number of people in the United Kingdom are struggling to pay for the bear essentials. The United Kingdom is supposed to be amongst the top 5 richest economies. Just image what people in the rest of the world are going through.

There is not a lack of resources in the world. The same resources are available as before the pandemic, there is a problem in the distribution of resources. Maybe people at the top level are restricting the movement of resources to hike up the prices.

I don’t know what it is, but it is affecting the vast majority of people in the world. The people that were living from payday to payday.

In these current times, the rich are getting richer whilst the poor are struggling. Most people’s wages are not enough to cover their monthly living expenses.

Everyone Needs A Plan B

There is no job security unless you are working as a specialist in a professional capacity. Low-end jobs in retail, catering, manned security, cleaning, administration…. are disappearing fast. The wages within these low skilled jobs have not increased to counter the rise in the cost of living.

Are you doing anything about transforming your future?

It’s no good waiting for your employers to give you a pay rise. If they have not increased your wages by now, it is more than likely that they will no increase your wages. Many employers are cutting jobs from the bottom to pay their managers bonuses.

You know what happens when you start copping a tree at the base. It is usually ok to cut a few branches at the top, but chopping away at the bottom of the tree can be dangerous.

Stop waiting around for others to help you out of the cost of living crisis, it is going to get worse as time passes.

You need to start working on a side hustle that will help you towards finding a way out of this financial chaos. You need to work on a plan B to help you recover from these chaotic times ahead.

I have started working on a global nutrition based network marketing business. This business offers products that are in high demand and the products are also priced low enough for people to continue using them.

Click Here to take a look at the LiveGood Network Marketing Business. It costs only $40 to become an affiliate members and there is a low $9.95 monthly cost to stay active within the business.

The pay plan offered by the LiveGood Business is highly lucrative and has attracted over 100,000 affiliate members within a few months. This is the fastest growing network marketing company in 2023!

Are you ready to start your own side hustle for only $9.95 monthly?

You get your own online business that has the potential to grow as your network start to build up. The leverage offered by this business will allow you to build up a monthly passive income by working it on a part-time basis.

LiveGood Opportunity
LiveGood Opportunity

You also get to earn $25 fast start commissions from your direct referrals and also a percent from your indirect referral on multiple levels.

The company 2×15 matrix can also build you a monthly passive income. In fact you have the potential to earn $2,047.50 monthly from the 2×15 matrix without referring a single member. This will take sometime to build up and you will need to stay active as your 2×15 matrix starts to build up along with your monthly commissions.

The commissions from the 2×15 matrix will build you a monthly passive income over time. If you decide to promote the opportunity and build your own team, your commissions will grow faster and larger.

Have You Got Your Priorities Right?

Would you consider paying $40 to start your own internet based nutrition business too expensive?

Is $9.95 monthly to maintain your online business too expensive?

If you are struggling to put food on the table for your family, it would not right for you to spend the money on this business. This is not a get rich quick business, it takes time and effort to build up. Once you have built it, the rewards can be massive.

This business is affordable for most people in the world. It’s a $40 one-time fee that can be recovered from fast start bonuses.

It will cost you less than $120 to run this business for a year, if you are paying the monthly membership fee of $9.95

Most people are paying over $9.95 monthly on entertainment subscriptions like Netflix, Sky and Cable TV.

When it comes to paying $9.95 monthly to start their own online business they think that it’s too expensive. In reality it may cost them more for not getting started with this business.

Even if this business fails, it will be like a subscription to enable them to transform their mindset. Working on this business will connect them with other like minded people worldwide.

It is worth connecting a domain name to redirect to your LiveGood powerline landing page. This can easily be done by registering a domain at and setting up a domain redirect.

I have redirected my domain to my LiveGood powerline landing page. I can easily send people to the LiveGood Opporunity using my domain name.

I have managed to earn $150 in fast start commissions and my 2×15 matrix has started to build up.

I am doing a 90 Day Marketing Challenge and I’m on Day 74.

This keeps me motivated and also gives me hope for the future. I am also learning digital marketing by promoting this opportunity.

This is not an investment opportunity, you are paying for your own online business. Your money is not going to be stuck in an investment, all you will be paying is $9.95 monthly.

In my opinion this is a really good low-cost online business opportunity that will allow people to build up a positive monthly cash flow.

Once you have built up a monthly passive income of around $500, you will be able to fund yourself to create other passive income streams.

It’s all about building one initial passive income stream that enables you to take risks and develop multiple passive income streams leading to financial freedom.

Take a free tour of the LiveGood Opportunity now to evaluate it. If you are looking for a side hustle that you can run on a part-time basis, this may be what you are looking for.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dream. Just keep on taking positive actions and your life will eventually turn around. It’s all about building up have belief in your abilities and taking massive action to build up the momentum that will start the cash flow rolling.

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