Creating Passive Income Online

There are various ways of earning money using the internet. I have decide to invest my time and effort in creating passive income.

I have used both ebay and etsy to sell physical products, but I have come to the conclusion that selling physical products is not the way forward for me. I don’t want to hold stock, pack products and handle shipping and returns anymore.

It is possible to make sales on these platforms as there are a lot of people using both ebay and etsy. I have made a number of sales, but the profit margin is not high enough to justify the time and effort I had to put in. The costs incurred on selling on etsy are just ridiculous, ebay is slightly better.

It is possible to make a living from selling products on ebay and etsy, but it will require a lot of time and effort. You will need to work the business on a full-time basis to earn a decent income from this route. I don’t want to go from one job to another. The whole purpose of pursuing the internet business lifestyle was to create financial freedom along with time freedom.

Amazon FBA offers a lot of automation, but it is difficult to source products that are likely to sell in large quantities. There is a lot of risk involved, but the rewards can also be massive, if you can get it right!

I have decided to work with opportunities and platforms that will enable me to build up passive income. I will work with affiliate marketing as I don’t want to deal with the actual selling of physical products. I just want to earn commissions on sales made from recommending the products to others (marketing).

I am working towards earning advertising revenue from Google’s Adsense program. I will continue promoting physical products from Amazon as an affiliate. I will also start to promote digital products as an affiliate in a select number of niches.

Earning advertising revenue takes a lot of time and effort in the initial stage, but can become an excellent source of passive income. The advertising revenue will start to come from my blogging and YouTube channel via Google’s Adsense program.

I have also decided to continue with Print On Demand via Merch by Amazon. This will also take a lot of time and effort, but it will start to bring in passive income.

My goal is to create multiple sources of passive income using the internet. I want to move away from the time for money income streams like selling on ebay and etsy.

I do not want to get stuck in another job, where I need to deal with customers, suppliers and fulfilling orders. Only the passive income route is going to enable me to create the freedom I am looking for.

The passive income route does not offer immediate earnings like selling products online. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up passive income sources. The earnings from passive income sources will be much lower compared to selling products online, but they will eventually over take active income sources (selling online).

It is difficult for me to find the time to update this blog, but I have made a decision to sacrifice all my spare-time to write the posts. These posts will provide you with updates on my progress and they will also keep me on track. These posts will also generate passive income in the future, once the blog has been accepted by Adsense.

I am currently working on learning as much as I can on the subjects of internet marketing and mindset transformation. Both of these are necessary to build up a substantial monthly income using the internet. I am learning and also applying the knowledge as I pick it up.

Knowledge that is not applied is useless, dreams that are not pursued are wasted. It is the 1st of February 2022, one twelfth of the year has passed. Let’s see how much progress I am able to make during the remaining 11 months of 2022.

Your support will provide much needed encouragement, as internet marketing and blogging can feel rather lonely at times. It would really motivate me to know that people are actually reading these posts. Leave some feedback in the comments section below the posts. I have decided to use facebook comments to reduce comment spamming.

Bots are used to create multiple logins on blogs just for the purpose of spamming the posts with comments and backlinks. Hopefully facebook comments will reduce this and allow comments from real users reading the posts.

The next 11 months of 2022 will be challenging, as I will need to cut out nonconstructive time and use it to build up my digital marketing business and passive income. No more idle gossip and wasting time with negative people.

I must start to value my time more and not get distracted by people who don’t place any value on their time. My time is precious, and it will not be used by people who don’t have any ambition to more forward in life.

The next 11 months will be used to build up my internet marketing skills and also my character. My self-image will be restored back to the once unshakable state that it was in.

My mission is to create the lifestyle I desire and cut off the destructive people and haters out of my life. I don’t have the time or patience to entertain them anymore. A new episode is unfolding, where there are no roles for them in the script!

If you want to learn more about me and how my mindset and marketing skills are evolving, read through some of the blog posts and see if we resonate at a similar frequency. If you have similar goals and aspirations, connect with me and join the journey.

The key to building wealth is in the creation of multiple sources of passive income. You can get started on the path towards building a monthly passive income using the internet.

My initial goal is to build up a monthly passive income that is enough to cover my monthly expenses. Once I have achieved this, the real fun and games will start to unfold!

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