Commissions Are Better Than Wages

You will never really go for it until you have truly had enough. It’s not about just wishing that you can make your life better. It’s about making a decision and never going back on it, continuously moving forward no matter what happens.

Failure Is Not An Option

When you are able to reach this high level of determination, you will succeed. At this level, failure is not an option. You have elevated yourself to a height where failure is no longer visible.

The most successful people in the world make decisions and never go back on them. They burn the bridges behind them and work on building new ones that will help them reach their desired destination in life.

I made up my mind that I was going to use the internet to build up a monthly passive income that will enable me to quit my job within 24 months. I have burnt the bridges behind me and going all out to make this my reality.

Don’t Treat It Like A Hobby

In the past I have managed to earn money using the internet. This was more of a hobby and the side hustle remained small and never had any fuel added to it. This time my side hustle is going to replace the income that I am currently earning from my full-time job.

My mindset is also different this time, I know that failure is not an option! I will not remain at my current job after 24 months. The exit plan has been created and the journey towards freedom has started.

The work that I am currently doing towards establishing my online passive income streams ignites a feeling of freedom within by mind, body and soul.

I know that I can achieve much, much more than I have settled for. My initial goal is to build up a passive income that will cover my monthly expenses. Once this has been achieved, I will be in a position to evaluate other options to move towards the next steps towards financial freedom.

Create The Lifestyle You Truly Desire

Life is not about comparing yourself to others or conforming to others expectations of you. It is about creating the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your loved ones.

I cannot continue working in a job that has no meaning. These is no job sanctification, I’m just doing it to cover my monthly expenses. I had got too comfortable in the job, I became too lazy to look for anything else. I knew that I did not want to work for another employer ever again.

This is going to be the last time I ever work for an employer. I have made a decision to write my own paycheck. The amount of money that I earn is not going to be dictated by an employer.

I am going to escape from this trading time for money nightmare. I will use the power of leverage and passive income to create financial freedom.

Once you have tasted the sweetness of passive income, you will not want to go back to the bitterness of linear income.

I am working with a number of internet based income opportunities that can be used to build up a monthly passive income. If you are ready to start your journey towards creating a monthly passive income using the internet, subscribe and learn how to get started immediately.

There are many internet based income opportunities promising to make you a millionaire with a few months. My take on these type opportunities is “if it sounds to good to be true, then it is too good to be true!”.

I Invite You To Work With Me

I invite you to take a look at what I am working with and evaluate the opportunities thoroughly. It they make sense to you, get involved. I am interested in building up long term relationships with people who are interested in creating financial freedom using the internet.

We can work together as a team to help us all achieve our financial goals. The internet has given us access to global income opportunities. You have the opportunity to build up a substantial monthly passive income from any location in the world, as long as you have access to the internet.

Traditional bricks and mortar business opportunities can cost you anything from $100,000 to over $3,000,000.

If you want to apply from a McDonald’s franchisee, you will need to have liquid assets of over $500,000 and pay a franchise fee of around $45,000. It can cost anywhere between $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 to start up a brand new McDonald’s franchise.

The high cost of many franchise opportunities place them beyond what most people can afford. They also don’t offer you real freedom, unless you are super wealthy and can get others to manage the business for you.

It is possible to start up an online business for only a few hundred dollars. I would suggest that you have a minimum of $100 to $200 monthly to invest in your business to build up your income rapidly.

You can even get started for free, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can become successful.

Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income

I have decided to use the internet to build up multiple streams of passive income in 2022. This is going to be the year that I reach freedom.

The global pandemic has made me question my purpose in life and also the work that I am doing. We had to work through the lock down, putting yourselves and our families at risk of catching Covid-19.

Our employers did not even reduce our work hours or compensated us in anyway. This just goes to prove that we are not valued and they don’t care about us at all. The fat cats at work stayed at home and got paid. Now we are hit with tax increase to pay for the furlough money that had nothing to do with us.

It’s a sad state of things, but it has been a real wake up call. I need to get out of this employment as soon as possible. I need to be in charge of my own financial destiny.

If you are ready to work with me and my global team members to earn a monthly passive income, fill in the form below and get details sent to you via email.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder and whitelist my email address to continue receiving updates.

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