Coffee, Tea Or Water?

As soon as I wake up, I start off the day with a cup of coffee. I find that, I am not fully awake without this first cup of coffee.

Caffeine Addiction

After having breakfast, I drink a strong cup of tea to get ready for the day. This caffeine intake has become a habit.

At work I usually drink 3 cups of coffee and 2 cups of strong tea without milk. I still have sugar in my tea and coffee.

I have been drinking less water recently. I have started drinking more coffee and tea as a result of the cold weather. In total I am drinking around 8 cups of tea and coffee daily, I know this is not good for my health.

I need to cut back and switch over to drinking herbal tea without the caffeine. The coffee needs to be cut out completely.

I also need to drink more water. I will have to start sipping on warm water, as the building that I work inside is freezing. The heating is switched off during the night, and I work night-shifts.

Boredom Leads To Caffeine

Most of the time I drink coffee and tea out of boredom and to warm up my body. It has become a habit and maybe there is also a craving for caffeine. This caffeine intake has got to stop very soon.

I used to snack on chocolate bars and crisps along with the coffee and tea. I have managed to cut out the chocolate bars and crisps, but the coffee and tea intake needs to be addressed.

I will order another hot drinks bottle for carrying around warm water at work, as I have been using my current bottle for herbal drinks and it has developed a funny smell.

Washing the bottle thoroughly has not got rid of the smell. I need a bottle dedicated to carrying drinking water only.

Not Going Cold Turkey

I am not going to go cold turkey, but I will reduce my caffeine intake significantly. I need to look after my health and work towards getting myself away from this type of work environment.

For now I will do whatever I can to improve my health and continue working on my blog. The daily blogging helps me to stay focused on my dream and work on my goals.

This blogging has helped me to connect with my dreams again. It has given me hope and ignited the desire for better things again.

I had started to rely on caffeine to keep me alert at work, I will have to leave this work to my mind now. I don’t think that the caffeine was really doing anything, it was just acting as a placebo.

Hooked On Football

Even with the little spare time available, I have been following the football World Cup. I felt sorry for Japan as the put in everything to take Croatia to penalties and lose out.

South Korea could not really do much against an all start Brazilian squad. Vinícius Júnior  fired in a goal in the 7th minute,  Neymar scored the second goal in the 13th minutes from a penalty. Richarlison  scored in the 29th minute and Lucas Paquetá scored in the 36th minutes.

South Korea managed to get one back in the 76th minute via Paik Seung-ho, but it was too late to turn things around.

Brazil will face Croatia in the quarter-finals on Friday 9th December and the Netherlands will face Argentina in the evening.

Brazil should beat Croatia, but the Netherland vs Argentina match could go either way. Argentina will be relying on Messi, but I cannot see Messi as anywhere near the great Diego Maradona.

Maybe both these South American nations will progress to the semi-finals.

I think more Brazil and Argentina shirts have been sold in Bangladesh than in the countries themselves. The support for Brazil and Argentina is crazy in Bangladesh. Some supporters have painted their whole house with flags of these footballing nations.

Born In Bangladesh

I was born in Bangladesh, but I have spent most of my life in the United Kingdom. I qualified for British Nationality as my father had British Citizenship before I was born.

I have always supported England in the World Cup, but they have disappointed me many times. I like watching Brazil and Argentina, but England is my team.

It would be a great achievement if England manage to beat France on Saturday to reach the semi-finals. It would be a dream come true for the whole of England. 1966 (Nineteen Sixty Six) seems way too far back in the distance. There are not many people alive who can remember the 1966 World Cup.

I also need to start watching my diet, as I have been eating a lot of junk food lately. I need to cut back on the spicy food too. I used to prepare healthy meals for the whole week before the pandemic, when things were fairly normal.

Increase In The Cost Of Living

The cost of living has gone up rapidly compared to pre-pandemic days. I still need to get back to the routine of preparing healthy meals for the whole week. It will cost more, but it is always worth the investment in your health.

I will start to grill chickens, fish and roast vegetables to create healthy meal alternatives. I need to cut down on carbs and introduce more healthy vegetables and greens into my diet.

I also want to eliminate as much sugar as I can from my diet. I will cut down on fizzy drinks and desserts that have a high sugar content.

Transforming My Life

I am working on all areas of my life to transform it to the one that I desire. I have started by transforming my mindset. I will start working on creating a healthy body to enable me to enjoy the lifestyle that I am working towards creating.

I need to change my diet and also exercise regularly to boost my energy levels. It is hard to enjoy life whilst your health is in a bad state. I don’t want to come into work feeling tiered before I start my shift.

I want to have enough energy to be able to carry out my duties proficiently and also work on my dreams and goals. I need to plan my exit strategy and stay focused on it, until I reach my goal.

Hopefully, by the start of April 2023 my blog will be monetized via Adsense. This will allow me to start earning passive income from the blog posts that I have written in the past and also from the posts that I will write in the future.

I need to remind myself to drink more water. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that men should drink 13 cups of water daily. This equates to approximately 3 liters of water. I don’t plan to drink this amount of water.

I will drink when I feel thirsty and just take little sips of water throughout the day. I don’t want to drown myself by drinking excessive water. Some studies suggest that dinking too much water is bad for you.

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