Chaos On The London Transport Network

Just as expected there were severe delays and cancelation on the London Transport Network due to a small amount of snow.

TFL You Need To Plan Ahead

The reason given by TFL (Transport For London) the body that runs and regulates London’s transport network was that they were not expecting this sudden snow fall.

Snow is expected in London during the months of December, January and February. There should be a plan of action in place to deal with it.

The number of trains had already been reduced as a consequence of the pandemic and the lock down that it triggered. The number of trains and the frequency has not been restored back to pre-pandemic levels.

Every year the price of tickets and travel cards has been increased, but the transport system has been deteriorating.

The number of people using London’s public transport network has increased rapidly as a result of immigration from eastern European nations.

Increased Revenue, But Decreased Service

More people are buying tickets and travel cards, but the increased revenue from this is not reflected in the transport network. Most of the trains and buses have seats that are dented in and ripped as a result of wear and tear.

London’s wealthiest residents don’t bother using trains and buses, they use cabs and the Uber network to travel around London.

The working class are left to struggle on the buses and trains to get to and from work. The government has implemented many controlled zones, making it near impossible and financially unviable to use private cars to travel to and from work.

Parking charges in London have increased rapidly and also the ULEZ zones have forced many people away from using their cars to travel around London.

Move Towards Electric Vehicles

The drive to move towards using electric cars has been implemented without much though gone into the practical implications. Not everyone is able to afford an electric car to avoid current and future ULEZ fines.

The transport situation is London is very chaotic and needs to be planned through again. What is the point of driving in London and having to pay ridiculous parking fees.

If the government want more people to use public transport, then they need to make major improvements and keep the ticket costs affordable.

It is a good idea to move away from the use of fossil fuels, but practical solutions need to be implemented. The source of the electricity used by electric cars has to be looked into. How much of it is being produced using renewable sources.

Public Transport Nightmare

Travelling on London’s public transport network has become a nightmare. The delays and cancellations are really unacceptable. I am paying for monthly travel cards and losing money as the buses and trains are cancelled and delayed.

It’s a nightmare claiming back money from TFL, they really do need to sort this out. There are also too many strikes, making it impossible to get in to work.

It is not worth coming into work on strike days, as I have to pay £50 to get to work and £50 to get back from work using Uber. If I have to pay £100 for travel in a day, there is no point in going into work.

In my current job as a security officer, I don’t get paid if I don’t get into work. I am not able to work from home, I need to be physically present on site.

I have had enough of this travel chaos. I have most out money by not being able to come into work on transport strike days. I have also lost money on the travel card that I have paid for in advance.

I need to find a way of earning money that does not involve travelling on London’s transport network. I need to be able to work from home or any location that I want.

Looking For An Online Business

An online business will enable me to avoid this chaotic public transport system. It will allow me to work from home and also to manage my business from any location in the world, as long as I have access to the internet.

I am currently working on building this blog and will monetize it using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue in the future.

These transport problems have really pushed me to the limit. I have to walk 30 minutes to the tube station everyday, once I reach the station there is no guarantee that the trains will run on time. I have to walk another 30 minutes back from the station after work.

The buses serving my neighborhood have been cancelled due to water works, which will last for another week. These works have become really frequent and the buses are cancelled without any notification.

I really need to get out of my current employment and find a way to earn an income that I am have control over. These current difficulties are pushing me out of my comfort-zone.

Difficult Times Create Great Opportunities

Sometimes in life, we need to experience difficulties to enable us to move forward. They push us away from the lifestyle that we have become comfortable with.

I know that it is possible to earn a living using the internet. Many people are doing it from various locations in the world.

I have access to the internet, I have also managed to create this blog. I have started writing posts to drive traffic to the blog. The process has been started, I know that I will make many mistakes along the way, but the journey has started.

I will learn from my mistakes and implement more of the things that are working. There is a lot of information related to blog monetization on the internet. I am learning from others that have already manage to monetize their blogs from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I Don’t Know What To Blog About

Sometimes I don’t know what to blog about, but it all starts to fall into place once I get started. You can think about something all day, but nothing will happen until you start to take action.

As quoted by the great Rabindranath Tagore “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”.

I have been staring at the sea for too long. I have now decided to build the ship that will enable me to cross the sea.

The ship that will enable me to navigate across the sea will be my blog. Every blog post is a part of the ship coming together to enable me to make the crossing.

The vision of monetizing my blog keeps me going. It enables me to carry on writing the posts, even though I feel the laziness try and destroy my dream.

Your vision of a better future and taking daily actions towards it will eventually make it your reality. I know one day these blog posts will get monetized via AdSense or another contextual advertising program.

I am currently writing this blog post, but my blog is not monetized it. I am working with the belief that it will eventually get monetized. The stronger the belief the harder you will work towards achieving your goal.

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