Carlos Slim Helú – The Mexican Billionaire

Carlos Slim Helú (born January 28, 1940) is a Mexican investor, business magnate and philanthropist who was considered the richest person in the world in the period between 2010 and 2013.

Grupo Carso

He derives his fortune through the conglomerate Grupo Carso which contains a large number of Mexican companies. According to the Forbes magazine, as of November 2022, Carlos Slim Helú’s real time net worth is at least $81.2 billion and holds the 13th place on the list of the richest people in world.

The richest Mexican billionaire knew from an early age that he would like to become a businessman, so he began developing his investment portfolio at a young age. His father Julian gave him initial valuable lessons about management, accountability and financial literacy in order to read the financial statements. His first investment had been placed at the age of 11, first stock purchase at the age of 12, only to become a shareholder in the Mexico’s largest bank at the age of 15. Afterwards, he had attended National Autonomous University of Mexico where he taught linear programming and algebra, both of which were essential for the development of his successful career.

Stock Trading Days

After graduation, he started on his career as a stock trader and at that time his investment had begun to build up to an extensive amount of funds. First, he started a stock brokerage called Inversora Bursátil, simultaneously laying the financial groundwork for the Grupo Carso. In 1980, he formed a parent company for his future conglomerate called Grupo Galas, that included interests in the areas of tobacco, food, retail, mining, construction and industry.

In 1990, he made a large fortune thanks to the establishment of Grupo Carso. After a short time, he became one of the most prominent figures within the business scene of the U.S., purchasing large stakes in the number of the major U.S. retailers, like OfficeMax, Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Borders, CompUSA and Office Depot. Currently, Carlos Slim Helú is the CEO & Chairman of América Móvil, Telmex, Samsung Mexico and Grupo Carso.

Carlos And Soumaya

His main conglomerate, Grupo Sanborns SAB or better known as Grupo Carso, was founded in 1990 as a merger of Grupo Inbursa and Corporación Industrial Carso. The name of the Grupo Carso was derived from the first letters of his name Carlos and the name of his late wife Soumaya. As of May 2014, this conglomerate had a capital of over $12 billion. In 1996, the Carso Global Telecom, which had included América Móvil, Telcel and Telmex, separated from Grupo Carso. One of his most successful companies is a telecommunications giant called América Móvil. In the terms of the equity subscribers, América Móvil is the 4th largest mobile network operator and one of the largest companies in the world. As of the end of 2014, América Móvil provided their services to over 289.4 wireless subscribers, 22.6 million broadband accesses, 34.3 million landlines and 21.5 million PayTV units.

Powerful Businessman

With his smart and unique management, Carlos Slim Helú threatens to hit the first place once again, which is surely a debate topic among economists for the past several months. All in all, this Mexican magnate is surely one of the most powerful businessmen in the world who have influenced the modern economy as it is.

It does not matter where you are located in the world, you still have the opportunity to become super wealthy. It is worth buying stocks in established companies, as the current stock market is experiencing a bear market.

Mass Transfer Of Wealth

Billions of dollars will be transferred via stock selling and buying. The people in the low to medium income bracket will sell most of their stock holding.

The super wealthy will purchase stocks whilst the market is down. This is one of the strategies they use to accumulate wealth.

Carlos Slim Helú had his father to guide him during his developmental stage. He studied the markets and learned to manage risk.

As of November 2022, Carlos Slim Helú and family have controlling stakes in América Móvil, Latin America’s biggest mobile telecom firm. He also has stakes in various companies, which includes a 17% stake in The New York Times.

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Getting Wealth To Flow To You

There is a vast amount of wealth in the world, you need to work out a way of getting it to flow to you. Don’t let anyone convince you that the recession is a really bad thing. In fact the super wealthy pile on extra net worth during the recession.

If you really want to become wealthy, you need to create multiple sources of income. You cannot rely on the income from your employment to build your fortune, unless you are earning multiple six figures from your current employment.

During the 70’s and 80’s people considered a millionaire as really wealthy. The digital age has totally transformed this. You need to have a net worth of a few billion dollars to be considered super wealthy.

Technology is a growth sector, it is worth considering to invest in established technology related companies. You need to carry out intensive research before you make any investment, as the value of stocks can go up and down.

Building Your Investment Portfolio

Sometimes it’s worth avoiding the luxuries to fund the building up of your investment portfolio. Once your stocks are paying out dividends, you can enjoy the luxuries.

It’s all about delayed gratification in the investment game. Instant gratification will eventually lead you towards bankruptcy. Delayed gratification can build you a fortune.

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The Chaotic Future Ahead

The uncertain future ahead has opened up many opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide. The manipulation of the price of crude oil has created ripple effects in major global economies.

Investment banks have taken advantage of this chaos and made fortunes for their investors. What we recently witnessed is just the tip of the iceberg.

The next few years will be open up many opportunities for investors. Vast amounts of wealth changes hands during recessions.

The wealthy get wealthier during recessions and also during booms. They know what to invest in and also have the right connections in place.

Your network does in fact determine your net worth. Start associating with people who want to better their lives and get away from the losers.

Take advice from the wealthy to become wealthy. Stop infecting your mind with news stories of doom and gloom propagated by the media. Focus on what you want in your life and work towards achieving it.

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