Building The Network Marketing Dream

A comment on one of my videos made me think about digital marketing as used applied to building a global network marketing opportunity.

Some people have been totally brain washed by the concept of using marketing system to rapidly build downlines in network marketing businesses.

Only 5 Upgraded Members In 60 Days

The person watching my YouTube videos asked me how many people I signed up using my marketing system. I replied that I had signed up 5 members.

His response was “Only 5 members in 60 days?”. I told them that this was my result from using my marketing system.

I told them that I got many members to take the free tour of the opportunity, but only 5 members had upgraded.

Their response was that some people in this opportunity had reached diamond rank within 60 days. This did not surprise me, as he was missing a crucial point.

The select few that had reached diamond rank already had massive email lists. They had been marketing online for many years and had built up a warm list of prospects within their email lists.

They may had also built up a marketing system of their own, but they would still get to diamond rank using the marketing system provided by the company.

The secret is not actually in the marketing system they are using, it’s their existing list of prospects that has enabled them to rapidly reach diamond rank.

Most of us don’t have access to a large list of highly targeted prospects. Even if we use the marketing system they are using, we will not be able to duplicate their results.

This 60 day comparison between the results of these seasoned network marketers with a massive list of highly targeted prospects and my results cannot be compared.

Anyone Can Duplicate My Results

Not everyone will be able to duplicate the results experienced by the seasoned network marketing elite, but everyone will be able to duplicate my results!

I have managed to get 5 members to upgrade into my LiveGood Network Marketing business in 60 days. I have done this without having an email list of prospects. I have been using the My Lead Gen Secret marketing system to send out emails daily to opportunity seekers.

I have been sending them to the company powerline page supplied by LiveGood, many people have taken the free tour, and 5 people have upgraded.

I am not using my own marketing system or funnel, I am only using the powerline landing page that comes with the LiveGood opportunity.

If I can get 5 upgraded members in 60 days, it should be possible for anyone to duplicate my results. They will not need to be expert marketers or have a list of their own. All they will need to do, is to join LiveGood and promote their powerline landing page using My Lead Gen Secret.

The result of some members reaching diamond rank within 60 days cannot be duplicated by the majority. My results can be duplicated by the majority. If you grasp the power of leverage and duplication offered by network marketing, you will understand the significance of my results.

Building It 5 By 5 To Reach Diamond

If you have no list of your own and are new to digital marketing, you still have a chance to reach diamond rank within the LiveGood opportunity by following the marketing method that I am using.

You will need to recruit 5 members into the LiveGood Opportunity and get them to follow the same system to enable them to recruit 5 members each. Once this process has been duplicated 5 times, you should have 3095 members in your downline.

Level 1: 5 Members

Level 2: 25 Members

Level 3: 125 Members

Level 4: 625 Members

Level 5: 3125 Members

Total Downline Members: 3095

3095 downline members will get you to diamond rank. The above table shows a perfect would scenario, in reality you will need to recruit more than 5 members to get them follow this duplication process.

Some people will upgrade, but will not take any marketing action. You will need to keep on marketing until you find the people you understand the potential offered and take the necessary action to produce duplication.

It’s a numbers game and you will need to stick with it until you get the results. If you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards will be great.

As a diamond member you will earn $16,383.50 monthly from just the 2×15 matrix commissions. There will also be many fast start commissions and also matching bonus commissions. You will also earn commissions from the diamond bonus pool.

Your commissions will exceed $20,000 monthly as a diamond ranked member of LiveGood.

How Much Will It Cost?

I would suggest that you have a budget of $100 monthly to invest in building your LiveGood business.

LiveGood Affiliate Cost:

There is a onetime fee of $40 to become an affiliate member.

There is an ongoing fee of $9.95 monthly to stay active as an affiliate. If you select the yearly option,, you will pay $99.95 yearly.

My Lead Gen Cost:

There is a onetime set up fee of $30 per account.

There is an ongoing fee of $30 monthly per account.

You will be setting up 5 accounts, which should cost you $150 per month, but you can minimize your cost by stacking your accounts.

Watch the video below to learn how you can stack your accounts to minimize your cost to $80 monthly:

After paying the onetime fees, your monthly costs should be $9.95 (LiveGood) and $80 (My Lead Gen Secret).

Your total monthly cost after the first will be $89.95 monthly.

How Long Will It Take To Reach Diamond Rank?

I cannot really answer this question as there are many factors involved in determining this. I can give you a breakdown of what it will cost you in monetary terms, as long as you follow the marketing routine.

12 Months Cost: 12 x $89.95 = $1,079.40

18 Months Cost: 18 x $89.95 = $1,619.10

24 Months Cost: 24 x $89.95 = $2,158.80

36 Months Cost: 26 x $89.95 = $3,238.20

Even if it takes you 3 years to reach diamond rank, it will only cost you $3,238.20 and your marketing time.

Your monthly income will be increasing as your downline and 2×15 matrix grows. As a diamond ranked member your earnings from LiveGood should be over $20,000 monthly.

If you are ready to go for diamond, take a look at the LiveGood opportunity and make a decision today. The most important thing is to stay consistent with your marketing.

The cost of running the business and the marketing system is minute compared to what you can earn monthly as a diamond ranked member.

I am currently on Day 64 of my marketing:

I have 5 upgraded members in my downline and will continue marketing this opportunity using My Lead Gen Secret.

It only takes 5 minutes to do the marketing per day. It’s just a matter of staying consistent and not getting distracted by the get rich quick opportunities.

I know my monthly earning from the LiveGood opportunity will continue to increase as long as I stay active and continue with my daily marketing.

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