Branding Myself Online

I am currently branding myself using this blog by providing value to people with the internet based wealth building niche. My goal is to pass on the knowledge, inspire and motivate others following a similar path.

The blog posts will provide valuable information and also provide details of opportunities, tools and techniques that I am using. They will also document my journey and reveal what’s working for me and also what’s not working.

Leveraging Social Media

I am also leveraging social media to increase my network and using this blog as the focal point to direct visitors to and build up valuable connections. These connections will be mutually beneficial and hopefully lead to increased possibilities in the near future.

This blog will help me to get known and established within the internet based wealth building niche. The blog (domain name) is my full name, Mujibur Rahman (

I have also created a YouTube Channel to help in branding myself. There will be links back to this blog from my YouTube Channel and other Social Media profiles.

Like the saying goes “Your Network Is Your Net Worth!”.

Synergistic Situation

I will be working with people in a synergistic situation were we can mutually benefit from the partnership. Any product or service offered will also be of greater benefit than the monetary price paid. I will apply the win, win principle to all transactions.

There will be a large amount of valuable information and resources brought to you for free via the blog posts. I will provide real value to the visitors coming to my blog and it will become a valuable resource.

I understand that branding is not a overnight process, it is established over time by providing value and exceptional service.

Many successful online business entrepreneurs have branded themselves via blogging and social media. I am following a similar path and have formulated a clear plan of action. The route leading toward this goal is getting laid with every blog post and social media interaction.

I am establishing and branding myself on the fly, I am picking up the knowledge and passing it onto others who may find it of value. My study, research and learning is an ongoing process as I enjoy it thoroughly.

Applying The Knowledge

I am also applying the knowledge that I pick up, as knowledge that is not applied is of little use. Branding involves creating connections with other successful people within your niche. You want to be viewed as a person who is an expert and able to provide exceptional value.

Once there are over 10,000 visitors accessing my blog daily, I will know that I have achieved a major milestone in branding myself within the online passive income niche. During this initial stage of branding myself, I will need to show some online income statements.

Visitors to my blog will start to take me seriously once I have established a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the internet. The proof will have to be in the pudding, currently I have the recipe for the pudding. I am gathering the ingredients and will start making the pudding very soon.

Documenting My Journey

I have started to document my monthly earning, starting from January 2022. I started on this journey on the 25th of January 2022. Currently I don’t have any products of my own, but I have started creating marketing systems and also free classifieds sites for people involved in creating wealth using the internet.

I will continue providing marketing tips and also developing online systems to help others create passive income using the internet. There is a lot of foundational work involved in branding yourself as a leader/expert with any niche. It is a gradual process and takes a large amount of initial effort to build up momentum.

Building Trust

It is essential to build up trust by keeping everything transparent. This is the reason I have opted to publish my monthly income reports until I reach $5,000 in monthly passive earnings.

Currently I am just creating ripples in the vast ocean of internet marketing. These tiny ripples will gradually develop into tidal waves that will get noticed by the masses. Every blog post, every YouTube video, social media post is building up my exposure within the online passive income niche.

Mujibur Rahman may currently be unknown within the online passive income niche, but one day he will be a renowned figure within this niche. Follow this blog to stay updated on my progress and to provide some much needed support at this initial stage.

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