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I have been balancing my time between training and implementing the knowledge that I have picked up from the training.

I am currently going through the blogging training at Wealthy Affiliate. I am also using this training to write posts that are better optimized for search engines.

Finding The Balance Between Research And Blogging

It has been difficult to find the correct balance between doing the training and actually blogging about the niche. I started off with little knowledge related to keyword research, most of the knowledge that I had picked up previously was now redundant.

Google does not pay much attention to keyword density to rank a post for a specific keyword. It is more concerned about other information in the post that is related to the keyword that you are trying to rank for.

I went through the Level 1 training modules on Wealthy Affiliate rapidly as I was familiar with most of these topics. I started to pay more attention to the SEO and actual blog post structure training offered in the Level 2 training modules.

I am currently spending 70% of my time on the training and 30% of my time on blogging. It is essential that I go through the niche blogging training to help me establish my blog.

Short Blog Posts Don’t Rank Well These Days

In the good old days, you could get a keyword ranked highly by writing a blog post of less than 500 words. This is no longer the case, your blog posts need to be over 1,000 words to have a chance of getting ranked.

It is really time consuming to write posts of over 1,000 words, but this is now the requirement. There is a lot of high quality content online for Google to choose from. Your content is competing against many posts trying to rank for similar keywords.

My making your posts over 1,000 words long, you will be eliminating some of the competition. You cannot just waffle and write a lengthy blog post, it needs to be relevant to your niche and also related to the keyword you are trying to rank for.

Use Headings In Your Blog Posts

I used to write my blog posts without paying much attention to headings. I have learned that Google likes to see headings within your post and relevant keywords within the headings.

Headings, especially H2 headings within the blog post help in the ranking process. The headings also break up the blog post, making it easier to read.

Most people just skim through blog posts, the headings can hold their attention and get them to read the relevant section of the post.

Keyword Research Is Essential

The only way you are going to get traffic from Google is by ranking your posts highly for relevant keywords.

The content of your blog post is less relevant than the actual keywords and wording related to it. You can write the most elegant and informative blog post related to your niche, but you will not get many people to read it without getting it ranked for relevant keywords on Google.

You need generic search traffic from Google to build up a successful blog. In this post, I am defining a successful blog as one the gets a large number of visitors.

Your blog is only of real value when the information in your posts is actually read by real people. There are hundreds of blogs within multiple niches, but only a select number of blogs are successful.

I have been doing my keyword research using Jaaxy, one of the most powerful keyword research tools available on the internet.

You can try out the Jaaxy keyword research tool below:

The success of your blog depends on extensive keyword research and writing relevant posts consistently. The action of blindly posting without carrying out any keyword research will not drive much traffic to your blog.

Your blogging effort can be multiplied many times over by carrying out keyword research and formulating your posts based on your research.

Set Your Blogging Money Goals

If the purpose of your niche blog is to earn you money, you should set some goals. How much money would you like to earn from your blogging and by what date?

I have set a goal of earning over $5,000 monthly from blogging within 24 months. Everyone will have different money goals.

You need to write down your goal and make a plan of how you are going to achieve this goal. Without a goal to aim for, you will just be treating blogging as a hobby.

If you are serious about making money from blogging, you will have to treat it like a business. You will have to devote time and effort to your blogging. You will have to acquire the knowledge that is going to enable you to reach your financial goals.

What I have realised is that, it does not matter where you are starting from, what really matters is your attitude and what you are willing to do.

You may currently have little knowledge of how to get started with blogging, but if you have a strong desire to take this route, you will be able to pick up the knowledge and skills required.

People with little knowledge of blogging have been able to build up a substantial income by following the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the exact same training that I am following to achieve my goal of earning over $5,000 monthly for my blog within 24 months.

The time required and the amount of money you want to earn will depend on your personal circumstance. I am currently working 12 hour shifts as a corporate security officer, my free time is limited. This is the reason I have given myself 24 months to reach my goal.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can build up a substantial income within 12 to 18 months. You will need to work on your blogging for a minimum of 12 months to see monetary results. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you will need to put in the time and effort to get the results.

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