Becoming A Super Affiliate Marketer

I have been researching a number of affiliate marketers and their blogs. Many of them have posted monthly income reports on their blogs. Some of them are earning around $5,000 monthly and a select few are earning in excess of $50,000 monthly in affiliate commissions.

Sometimes it seems really hard to believe that individuals are really earning monthly incomes of over $50,000 by promoting other people products and services using the internet.

I am trying to work out what differentiates an affiliate who is earning $5,000 monthly from another who is earning over $50,000 monthly. Both started their affiliate marketing journey at a similar time, but one has excelled and the other has remained stuck at the $5,000 monthly level!

The difference must be in the mindset and marketing methodology used by each of the affiliates. The person that is earning over $50,000 monthly believes that they can do it, and follows a specified plan of action.

I am studying the content from these super affiliate marketer’s blogs and also studying the marketing strategy they are applying. If I can adopt the mindset and marketing strategy they are using, I should be able to get similar results.

Some of these super affiliates have reached monthly incomes of over $50,000 within 2 to 3 years. The major investment they have made is in developing a winning mindset and learning marketing techniques that actually work.

I would love to take 12 months off and work on creating a substantial monthly passive income using the internet, but is not currently possible to do so. I have decided that I will not borrow any money to fund this venture, so I will need to work at this on a part-time basis. I will continue with my current employment and build up a monthly passive income gradually.

All this may currently look like a dream, but the possibility is there. I know that I have a much better change of this working out than winning the lottery jackpot. Unlike relying on pot luck, I have full control over this. I can experiment with different marketing methodologies, until I find ones that produce the results to enable me to reach my monthly income goal.

Working for an employer is easy, as long as you do your job, you will get paid at the end of the month. Working as an affiliate is different, you need to generate sales to earn commissions. You will need to develop exceptional online marketing skills.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that are not involved in the order fulfillment process. Your role is to initiate the sale using your unique referral link.

During the initial stage, I will need to actively market products and services as an affiliate. The passive earning stage will start once the posts on the blog are indexed by Google. My affiliate links will remain on the posts and they will continue generating commission when the are accessed by visitors to my blog.

Every time they click on my links and purchase a product or service, I will earn a commission. Getting to this passive income stage may take 12 to 24 months.

In the beginning, most of my earnings will come from affiliate marketing and print on demand. Advertising revenue from Adsense will take take some time to build up. I would like to build up some recurring income sources as an affiliate.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing opportunities online, I will need to select ones relevant to my niche and are proven to payout commissions.

Currently my blog looks nothing like the ones created by super affiliates marketers, and the traffic to it is minuscule in comparison. This is the current state of my blog, but it will not remain like this for long. I am working on developing my skills and refining my plan from earning a monthly passive income online.

I have a strong belief that I can become a super affiliate marketer. Everyday my skill set is improving, the first 6 months will really test me. I have to prove to myself and also to the visitors of this blog that it is possible to earn a full-time living from blogging.

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