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I would like to introduce you to something that I have been thinking about for a couple of months. It all started with my interest in quantum mechanics. I started to gather up as much knowledge as I could on this subject, it really fascinates me.

The concepts of time and energy as put forward by quantum mechanics transformed my understanding of the universe and life in general. The idea that everything breaks down to energy and the physical state of matter is only a slow down of the frequency the energy is vibrating at, was a little hard to comprehend initially.

Another concept that was even harder to comprehend was the notion that past, present and future all exist at the same time. It all started to get even more mind boggling as I started to look into the concept of multiple universes, where there are many manifestations of us living in parallel dimensions.

I started thinking about how I could apply the knowledge I was accumulating in the field of quantum mechanics to make positive changes to my life and the lives of others.

On the 25th of January 2022, I set a goal of building up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 in 24 months. I looked at how quantum mechanics could be applied to help me accomplish this goal.

I am currently working in a job that is earning me a linear income, I am trading my time for money. My goal is to create residual income by putting in the initial effort and not have to rely on trading time for money in the future.

I made a decision to use blogging to help me to reach my initial goal of earning $5,000 monthly in passive income using the internet. Once I have reached this initial goal, I will look at other sources of online passive income, like creating a YouTube channel.

After some thought into my current side hustle, I started to think in terms of quantum mechanics to apply it to the creation of this source of online passive income.

The concept of past, present and future existing at the same time, lead me to work on visualizing my future and bringing into my present. I started to see my blog as already generating over $5,000 monthly in this present time.

Quantum mechanics also puts forward the notion that your are able to change your past by using your thought, visualization and emotionalization in the present. This may be really hard to accept for most people. They find it easy to accept that you can create your future by the actions you take in the present.

If your past, present and future exist at the same time, why can’t you influence your past from your present reality?

I have reached a state beyond what most people would consider as the normal. I have accepted the ideas perpetuated by quantum mechanics. I know that Einstein could not accept the new theories propagated by forward thinkers in the field of quantum mechanics.

New inventions like the microwave and lasers have resulted directly from the acceptance of the theories put forward by the likes of Bohr. Classical quantum mechanics theories as put forward by Einstein have been replaced by the random and warping theories of subsequent thinkers and researchers in this field.

My current marketing strategy can be a likened to the movie “Back To The Future“. I have shifted my vision and reality from the future into the present. I am bringing the reality from the future to replace my current reality. This seems way too out of the normal, but quantum mechanics is not the normal.

I see myself as already earning over $5,000 monthly from this blog. The earnings are from a combination of affiliate marketing and adsense revenue. My future reality can become my present reality, as they already co-exist.

I don’t know what Google is going to make of this blog post?

Maybe it will confuse the search giant extensively. It may rank it for quantum mechanics or affiliate marketing. My goal of earning a monthly passive income using the internet will enable me to free up time to pursue my dream of studying mind science and quantum mechanics.

The passive income generated from this blog will enable me to leave my employment and devote this time to my studies. This is a dream that is slowly transforming into my reality. In a parallel universe somewhere, I am already living this dream. It is my intention to shift it into this realm.

The belief has increased so much now that it seems like reality. I know that it is on the way there is no stopping, this blog will bring in $5,000 monthly in passive income.

When I started this blog, it all seemed like a dream, it now feels so real! The excitement in writing these blog posts puts me in a state of pure ecstasy. The words and thoughts just keep on flowing into my mind, I find it hard to keep up with the typing.

I know a few bad episodes cannot end the story, a complete new season is on the way! This time I am directing the movie of my life. Each time I look at my blog, it inspires me to continue posting updates.

Currently there may not be many visitors to the blog, but I am not focusing on the current situation, I am looking into the future. I know nothing will change if I continue looking at what is, I need to look at what it will become.

I know thousands of people will read my blog posts in 24 months. I am working with this vision in mind, it drives me to continue.

This blog post has no H2 or H3 titles or much of a structure, but the writing is hypnotic and will attract visitors like a magnet. The quantum elements embedded within this post will boost the google ranking for a number of keywords and key phrases.

This blog will prove that quantum mechanics can be applied to affiliate marketing and online income generation, nothing is outside the unified field.

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