After 60 Days Of Blogging

I started this blog on the 25th of January 2022. I am writing this post on the 25th of March 2022, it has been 60 days since starting this blog. It seems like only yesterday, whilst two months have elapsed.

I have been blogging consistently for 60 days, I had some issues whilst transferring this blog over to Wealthy Affiliate, this was caused by the ezoic plugin that I was using.

This has now been resolved and I have started blogging consistently again. I lost a couple of days of blogging time, but I used this time constructively to go through some of the training at Wealth Affiliate.

How Long Does It Take To Form A New Habit?

I have come across 21 days as the time it takes to develop a new habit. Having blogged for 60 days, I have my doubts on this number. I don’t know how this magic number of 21 days was established.

There is another school of thought that suggest the time required to form a new habit as 66 days. If this is the case, I have another 6 days to go.

I have also come across research that suggests, it can take anywhere from 18 days to 254 days to from a new habit.

No one really knows how long it will take to form a new habit. There are many variable involved that will give different answers for different scenarios.

You will know that a habit has been formed once there is no resistance involved in carrying out the task. You will also start to feel fidgety until you have done the task that has become a habit.

I think that I have formed a habit of blogging daily. I feel as if there is something missing until I have written and published my blog post. Once the post is published, I feel like I have accomplished something. It feels good and I know that I am on track to achieve my goal.

I now have 64 posts live on this blog. I have set an initial goal of writing over 100 posts at the rate of one post every day. Once I have reached 100 posts, I will decrease the rate slightly and start focusing on monetizing the blog using affiliate marketing.

Looking To The Future

At my current rate of blogging, I will reach 100 posts by the 1st of May 2022. Once this mile stone has been reached, I will start focusing on building my YouTube Channel. I will spend 50% of my time blogging and the remaining 50% on building my YouTube Channel.

Most of my blog posts are written on the fly, they are not highly optimized for keywords. When the posts are analysed by google, it should be able to work out that they are related to affiliate marketing, mind science and building passive income using the internet.

A lot of content that is highly ranked by google is written using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. Some of the AI based content writers are able to churn out articles that are highly optimized for google at a rapid pace.

I am currently writing all my blog posts manually, it is all coming straight from me. You may find some grammatical and spelling errors in my posts, as I am only human.

My goal is not to deliver perfectly written articles, my goal is to deliver content that is useful and inspirational. I want the people reading my posts to get real value from them. I am not writing these posts just to get them monetized.

Providing value is my primary objective, the money will follow as a by product of providing value. It is not worth churning out content that is of little value, just to try and get it monetized.

The value provided by the posts will brand this blog and also brand me. This blog will become a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a passive income using the internet. It will also provide some inspiration to anyone who wants to start on a similar journey.

All the testing and tweaking is being carried out to produce a blueprint for successful passive income creation using the internet. I just want to make it clear to everyone that there is no such thing as a fully automated passive income.

Once you have established passive income streams, they will still require some maintenance to keep them going. The end result will provide you with a lot of time freedom and a steady source of income.

My initial stream of passive income is being created using what I am learning from Wealthy Affiliate, I am applying the knowledge to build this blog . This is a work in progress, it is the foundation that will enable me to establish other online income streams.

Build Your Own Passive Income Stream

I would like to invite you to build your own stream of passive income using the internet. If you have a dream of creating financial freedom using the internet, don’t let your dream fade away. Take action today to start the process of transforming your dream into reality.

A large number of people dream of living the laptop lifestyle as portrayed by a number of successful internet business entrepreneurs. Most of them actually generate the vast majority of their earnings from selling info products.

They promise to turn you into a multi-millionaire within a couple of months in exchange for buying their online course. In reality the product being sold will not earn you anything. It is only going to add to their income.

Don’t fall for these get rich quick schemes, they are not created to earn you money, they are designed to earn the product creator money.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you should follow the proven method of monetizing a niche blog using affiliate marketing. This will enable you to build up a long lasting source of passive income.

Once you are earning enough money to meet your monthly expenses, you will be in a position to explore other online income sources. Do the hard work in the beginning and take the easy route later on.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to earn easy money, without much work involved. Take the tried and tested route towards creating passive income using the internet.

If you are interested in working with me and getting help and support from a global community focused on building passive income from niche blogging, join Wealth Affiliate now.

It is possible to build up a substantial monthly passive income by following the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. It may take you 12 to 24 months of consistent effort, but it will be well worth it.

Just think about how long you may have been struggling to create the freedom to enable you to do the things that really matter to you.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only share products and services that may offer you real value. Disclosure here.

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