Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

In this post I will outline how to build up an affiliate marketing business using the internet. You will be creating a niche blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing. This is the best way to get started as a beginner, as you will most likely not have your own email list.

You can also build up your own email list using blogging to drive in highly targeted visitors.

Pick A Good Niche

You will need to pick a niche that you are passionate about. It will be advantageous if you already possess some knowledge related to your chosen niche. Don’t worry if you are not knowledgeable about the niche, the important thing is to be passionate about it.

You can pick up the knowledge from various sources, but the passion has to be there from the start.

Make sure that there are buyers within your chosen niche. You need to find out if people are actually buying products and services online related to your niche.

If your chosen niche is really broad, you may need to narrow it down to target a smaller group of people.

Spend Time On Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the driving factor that is going to deliver visitors to your niche blog. You need to get good at spotting relevant keywords related to your niche.

Once you have your keywords ready, you will need to write blog posts around them. The keywords embedded within your posts will get picked up by Google and ranked.

Once a search is done on Google using any of these keywords, your blog post snippet show be displayed in the search results. When the snippet is clicked it will take the searcher to the post on your blog.

This is the simple explanation of how it works and why you need to get good at keyword research. There are tools that you can use to help you located high traffic keywords within your chosen niche.

I am using Jaaxy to conduct my keyword research. This is a powerful tools that will enable you to get your blog posts ranked on Google.

Search traffic from Google is the best traffic source to help you get highly targeted visitors to your blog.

Give Them What They Want

Once you have a steady flow of targeted traffic flowing into you blog, you can start monetizing this traffic. You can embed affiliate links related to the topic that each of your blog post is based on. It is a good idea to stick to affiliate programs related to your chosen niche.

Write posts that help to solve a problem within your chosen niche and provide products and services that help towards the solution.

Work out what the people within your niche need and give it to them via affiliate links. The more targeted your products and services, the more sales you will generate.

The more sales you generate, the more commission you will earn. Overtime your commissions will start to build up and earn you a substantial monthly income.

You Are Not A Salesperson

Your objective is to provide value information via your blog posts. You are offering visitors to your blog solutions to their problems within your niche. You are offering them products and services that will benefit them and add to their happiness.

There is no need to convince visitors to your blog to buy anything. Just place the links and the benefits of the products and services in front of the visitor and let them make the decision.

The visitor to your blog may already have decided to buy the product or service before reading your post, now they have the opportunity to buy it via your affiliate link.

You don’t need to take the pushy sales person route, just offer the products and services and let the visitor make the decision. Some will buy, some will not, it’s a game of number. The more visitor that read your posts, the more likely it will become for sales to be generated via your affiliate link.

Just remember, you are a blogger providing valuable content, you are not a sales person. The commission will slowly build up as the traffic to your blog starts to increase.

Keep On Building Traffic To Blog

The early days of your blog will not earn you much revenue. It will take up to 9 months for your posts to get ranked on Google.

You will not see much traffic to your site or earn a significant amount of commissions. The first 9 months may seem like a struggle, this is the time you will need to find the motivation to continue.

Just carry on researching keywords, writing and posting on a regular basis. Have faith in the process, the traffic will eventually build up and the commissions will start to pile up.

Sometimes I get distracted from my dream of building up passive income from blogging. Writing the blog posts get me focused on the dream again.

I have my goals written down and have a time frame that I will accomplish them by. This dream drives me towards taking action to make it my reality.

Your mindset is essential in becoming successful at anything in life. Nobody can change your mindset, you need to make a decision to change it and take the actions necessary to achieve it.

Success is not for the weak minded, it is the abode of the select few that are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to create or get whatever they desire.

I have been blogging for over two months, and still posting consistently, the results are not yet visible, but I know I am moving in the right direction.

There is no way that I will continue to do the job that I am doing for more than 24 months. I have set a goal of getting out of the 12 hour shifts that I am doing as a corporate security officer. I have made a decision to get out of the trading time for money trap.

The struggles and pain that I have experienced in my life have forged me into the person that I am now. The negative spiral that I entered has now been turned upside down, and I am on the path to freedom once again.

It does not matter what you have been trough or what your financial circumstance is now, what really matters is what you are going to do about it.

“In life, you have 3 choices. Give up, give in, or give it your all.”Charleston Parker

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only share products and services that may offer you real value. Disclosure here.

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