A Tiny Ripple In The Vast Ocean Of The Internet

My blog posts are currently tiny ripples in the vast ocean that is the Internet. They are not getting noticed by many people. After every post, a small ripple attracts a few visitors and dies down.

Writing Viral Blog Posts

I need my posts to make tidal waves not small ripples to get noticed by a significant number of people. The only way to do this is by writing posts that are worth sharing.

Once a post starts to get shared by many people, it starts to create a number of small ripples and these merge to generate a tidal wave that brings in a flood of visitors to the blog.

I am trying to work out how blog posts go viral…. what makes a post worth sharing?

I have noticed that the posts that are shared the most are highly informative or connect with the readers on an emotional level.

The post needs to grab the readers attention right from the beginning. The post title needs to grab attention and raise the readers level of curiosity.

The Blog Title

This blog title “A Tiny Ripple In The Vast Ocean Of The Internet” does not really arouse curiosity. The initial sentence does not attract people to continue reading the entire post.

You may be trying to work out the point that I am trying to make. This may get you to read further. You may be wondering if I am offering the “secret sauce to making blog posts go viral?”

Viral blog posts need to make the reader continue reading by creating a sense of missing out if the reader stops reading. If the writer is able to connect with the readers emotions, the post will also have a greater chance of going viral.

The act of sharing a blog post has to make the reader feel like they are doing something useful and of value. They may also want to help out the blogger, if they are able to connect with the post on an emotional level.

I don’t really know how I am going to connect with the readers of this post on an emotional level. All I can say is that I would be ecstatic if this blog post draws in 10,000 visitors. I have had a few hundred visitors to posts that I have written previously. I have not been able to pass the 10,000 visitor level yet.

Emotional Triggers

Even if I was offering $100 to every person that reads this post, it would still not get shared many times. If the reader of this post felt that they were helping towards doing something that would benefit me and also believed in it strongly, they would share it.

The post needs to resonate with them on an emotional level to trigger them to click on the share button. Until I can perfect the formula to make my posts go viral, I will have to continue testing out various options.

I believe that one day, one of my posts will go viral and create the ripple effect that will produce the tsunami that will flood my blog with endless visitors.

I cannot give up after only a few posts, it takes time to perfect the science of blogging. I am looking at various blog posts and analyzing them to work out a formula that will enable me to crack the blog traffic secret.

Writing On The Fly

My blog posts are written on the fly, I don’t have the time to plan out the posts. Working 12 hour shifts will not stop me from working on my dream.

I know my blog posts are not perfect, but it is what it is…. I am doing the best that I can to manage my time and the resources available to me. I am writing every post by myself, you are getting the content directly from me.

Every night I am slogging away at the computer to complete a blog post that is over 1,000 words in length. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing anything, but I have to force myself to carry on.

I could use this time to sleep or faff around on social media, but I have decided to work on my blog. Every post on this blog is a testament of my determination towards achieving my goal of getting it monetized.

Motivated Towards Monetization

Even if it takes a thousand posts to build up the required amount of traffic to qualify for monetization via Adsense, I will continue with the posts.

I am working on a way to supplement my earnings and eventually leave my job as a security officer. I cannot see a pay rise coming up soon, but the cost of living has shot up rapidly. This job will not allow me to earn enough to support my family.

I was looking to start up a conventional business just before the pandemic hit. This has been placed on hold, as many businesses have folded up during the lock down.

I need to work on something that will not cost me a large amount of initial capital. This is the reason that I have chosen to build up this blog. I am able to work on it whilst I still have a job in the security industry.

The ironic thing is that there is not much job security in a job with security in the job title. I should have prepared an exit plan many years ago.

Creating A Plan Of Action

A late plan is better than no plan. In Bengali we have a saying “A blind uncle is better than no uncle!”. I will have to make the most of the resources that I have available to me.

The most scarce resource is time, I am trying to make the most of any spare-time that I have available. It has been hard recently, as I am crazy about football (soccer to the people in the states). I confess that am guilt of watching the World Cup matches.

I feel really guilty wasting my free time watching the matches, but it also gives me much pleasure. This is one of the pleasures that I will not give up on.

Some people get pleasure from drinking, gambling and recreational drugs, but my pleasure comes from watching world class football and combat sports.

I have predicted many of the results and upsets, but never placed a bet on the matches. I don’t believe in gambling, I choose to earn my money by providing value to others.

During the start of the World Cup I was predicting Argentina to win, but it’s going to be a close one with Brazil. Belgium did not look the part without Romelu Lukaku on form and have been eliminated.

Argentina Or Brazil?

France look like they still have enough to put up a really good challenge. I am changing my prediction from Argentina to Brazil now!

Don’t take this as a betting tip, as I do not promote gambling. Just watch the games and enjoy the game play. Hopefully this blog post gets noticed and not lost in the vast internet jungle.

I’m not waiting to win the lottery, I taking action to get this blog monetized.

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