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6 Essential Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Sales

The 6 digital marketing tools that I will list in this post are essential to generating sales and earning your profits and commissions. Every online marketer should learn to use these proven tools.


Blogging can help to get the message out about the product or service that you are marketing. Many affiliate marketers have used blogging to earn substantial commissions.

The important thing is to niche down and blog about a specific topic or category. You can also use blogging to sell your own digital products and services.

It is fairly simple to set up a blog. You need a domain name and web hosting. The software used to build your blog is usually provided by the web hosting company. WordPress is the most popular blogging software (platform) and it is available for free.

You can modify your blog to your requirements by using themes and various plug-ins.

There are also programs like Wealthy Affiliate that you can use to set up your blog instantly. They can take care of your domain registration, web hosting and the blog design. They offer various templates that you can select from to get your blog up and running in minutes.

The blog posts that you write will depend on what the objective of your online market is. You can use various tools to carry out research and write your blog posts so that they follow SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines. This will help them to get indexed by Google and eventually listed in search results to drive visitors to your blog.

Wealthy Affiliate offer keyword research tools and AI based technology to create your blog posts. I would suggest that you carry out research using these tools and create a blog outline and work on writing the content yourself.

The simplest way to earn money from blogging is by using affiliate marketing and by placing adverts on your blog.

The placing of adverts can be automated by using Google’s AdSense program. Your blog will allow you to generate revenue from various sources like affiliate marketing, advertising revenue and selling your own digital products.


YouTube is one of the best online marketing tools and it’s free. Learning to create good quality videos on YouTube will enable you to market your products and services for free. You can also earn commissions by promoting products and services as an affiliate.

YouTube also allows you to earn advertising revenue from Google’s AdSense program. This can become a significant chunk of your online income over time.

You can use YouTube to brand yourself and build up an audience within your chosen niche. You can also use it to capture leads into your autoresponder and grow your email list.

Your goal is to create videos that deliver value to the person watching it. The more people that watch, like and comment on your videos the more opportunity it will have of going viral.

Some videos rake up millions of views and generate a significant income for the creator. It is worth the time and effort to develop your skills as a YouTuber.

YouTube is the second most searched online platform after Google. It is also owned by Google and videos also show up on Google’s search results.

YouTube is great for creating long form, evergreen videos that can attract viewers for a long time into the future. If you stay consistent with creating and uploading videos, you will eventually build up an audience.

You can analyze the traffic to your videos to learn what’s working and what’s not. It a matter of testing and tweaking until you find the right format that will enable your videos to attract a large number of viewers.


TiKToK can be used to draw in viewers rapidly. It is good for short form videos that create curiosity to get the viewer to follow the link to your product, service or landing page.

Some TikTok videos can rake up millions of views within days. It’s just a matter of staying consistent with your video creation and learning from your results.

Watch videos that have gone viral within your chosen niche and try and workout the elements responsible for its success. Once you have found the key elements that have enabled it to go viral, use these in your own videos.

It’s a process of learning and sticking with it, you will eventually make the break through and some of your videos will start to go viral.

TiKToK can also be used to brand yourself as the videos get shared a lot and also get displayed in the for you page of people within your chosen niche.

Paid Traffic And Solo Ads

You can get traffic sent to your blog or the product/service that you are marketing by paying for it. You need to research the source of your paid traffic and how relevant it is to your chosen niche.

Paid traffic works well in building your email list. You can drive traffic to your landing page and sent out following messages via your autoresponder.

Solo Ads can be purchased from various sources online. They will send your short message to subscribers on their email list for an agreed price. Solo Ads are a good way of building your email list. This is an easy way of generating subscriber, especially when you are new in the market.

You don’t have a reputation or a proven track record, not many people know you or trust you yet. By building an email list of subscribers, you will be able to build trust and a reputation by offering value t your subscribers.

Paid Marketing

The largest paid marketing sources are Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads. Google Ads can be used to display your Ads on Google Search, Google Partner Sites and YouTube. Facebook Ads can be used to display your Ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are well established paid marketing sources. It is worth learning how to use them to build a profitable online business.

TiKTok Ads is fairly new and offers an excellent way to reach more potential customers and business opportunity seekers. The audience on TiKTok are relatively young.

You can use these above paid marketing sources to build your email list and then market to this list.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful online marketing tools. A list of highly targeted subscribers within your niche can earn you a substantial income.

It is worth using all the other forms of online marketing to build your email list. Building your own email list should be part of your online marketing strategy.

I am currently building my email lists using GetResponse and Aweber. You can use either of these autoresponders, both have been around for a long time and are used my many online marketers worldwide.

Follow-up messages from your autoresponder can be used to promote products and services as an affiliate, promote online business opportunities that you are involved in, and also to sell your own products and services.

You can also send email broadcasts to your list to at anytime to inform them of new online opportunities that you are working with, or new products and services that you have launched.

Let’s take for example that you have 10,000 highly targeted subscriber on your email list…

A new business opportunity launches and it pays you $10 monthly per referral. You send out an email to your list of subscribers that already know you through your previous communication (emails), and 3% decide to join the opportunity.

You would be earning 300 x $10 = $3,000 monthly from sending out just one email. This income would be passive, it will be paid to you every month.

Let’s say that these 300 people stayed active in the opportunity for 12 months, you would earn $3,000 x 12 = $36,000 as a result of sending out one email. This is the power of email marketing.

Some online business entrepreneurs have build up highly targeted email lists in access of 100,000. It takes time and effort to build a large email list, especially a highly targeted one. The rewards can be phenomenal, it could enable you to reach the financial freedom that you desire.

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