– 6° Celsius Motivation Point 

I am working in a building which is close to freezing, as the temperature outside has fallen to – 6° Celsius. The heating in the ground floor is switched off at night-time to save the company money. There are no adequate heaters provide to keep us warm.

I Feel Like A Snow Man At Work

I can feel my body shivering as staff are leaving continuously throughout the night, as it is a 24 hour building. My feet are freezing even though I am wearing two pairs of socks.

The employers seem to hold the attitude of “if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave”. This is a really sad things as the management don’t get to witness the freezing conditions that we have to work in. It feels as though I am working inside an Igloo.

Adequate uniform is not provide to cater for this cold weather that we have to work in. Security staff are always catching clods and flu due to working in this environment. If we don’t come into work, we don’t get paid.

This cruel treatment of the security staff is not acceptable, but we have to put up with it as the current job market is really shaky.

The Motivation Fuel

I am using this experience to fuel my drive towards getting out of this type of employment. The hurt and the suffering is driving me to take action towards taking control of my own financial destiny.

As the freezing chill travel up my spine, I feel the urge to fill up this blog post with my thoughts. I believe that one day I will be earning enough money from this blog to cover my monthly expenses.

I have stopped complaining about the freezing conditions. The management know the conditions that we have to work in, especially during the night.

I am working towards building up a monthly income using the internet that will enable me to quit my current employment.

I Cannot Blame Others

I have faced many difficulties in my life, these have resulted in placing me into my current circumstance. I cannot blame others as I should have been the one controlling the path my life was taking.

I should not have let external events and others drive me towards a life of misery. I had experienced a period of depression after the events of 2003.

Some people seem to have taken advantage of me during this dark period in my life. Don’t trust people fully, always question their motives.

I am at a point in my life where all the destruction that was possible has been done to me. I have been broken down to the limit. The only way is back up for me now.

Leaving Behind Good Memories

During the final years in my life, I want to help my immediate family as much as I can. I want to leave them with good memories of myself.

I want my wife and children to hold good memories of me. I want them to know that I tried my best, even thought people tried to bring us down.

This life experience will make my children stronger and install the value of honesty, compassion and fairness within them. All I know is that the evil that men do will come to haunt them.

I am trying to write this blog post whilst experiencing a lot of emotion. This job as a security officer has help me to focus on myself deeply and look for solutions to my emotional problems.

Nothing Lasts Forever

We come to this world empty handed and we leave this world empty handed. I have witnessed greed and jealousy transform people close to me into evil and vile animals.

They have used trickery, deception and lies to try and build their fortunes using that which should rightfully belong to others. The price and the pay back will is destined to hit them like a typhoon, the storm has already started to brew.

If anyone that knows me is reading this blog, they will know exactly what I am taking about. The days are truly numbered and and the results are guaranteed.

Writing about some of these unjust and evil doings helps to clear them out of my soul. I may be able to forgive those involved, but the pain that has been experienced by my soul has already started off the wheels of karma, I cannot stop this.

I Cried Myself To Sleep

I have spent many nights crying myself to sleep after the events that took place in 2003. I have not recovered from this fully yet. I have tried my best to help everyone out, but have been neglected and now robbed emotionally and financially.

Everyone knows the true culprits that have destroyed our family. These individuals are now circling around like vultures getting ready for the eventuality. What a sad picture painted by the blinded hands of greed and jealousy.

I know this is not just my story, it is a common one throughout the whole world. When you try and bring someone up, they will end up stumping on your hand.

All I can say to everyone that has experienced a similar fate, is to focus on yourself and do whatever makes you happy. Just concentrate on proving for yourself and your immediate family.

Make sure that you bring up your children and instill in them core values that will shield them from a similar fate.

They Will Beg, Cheat And Lie

When beggars try and become leaders, they will sell their souls. They will beg, cheat and lie to try and earn false respect from others.

I have managed to raise my family using my hard earned money. I have provided them with all that I was able to afford. I have never cheated anyone in my life or had my eye on that which belongs to another.

I have managed to stick to my core values, even through the hard times. I have full faith that things are about to change. I will find a way to transform my life, this current stage in my life is only temporary.

A real man will never compromise his values and lick backside to try and create accumulate wealth by deceiving others. A multitude of lies cannot drown a single truth that is spoken by a real man.

In this world there are real men and men that would do anything to try and impress others. Everyone knows the truth, but only accept that which only benefits them.

I will leave you with two quotes by Marcus Aurelius:

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

“When another blames you or hates you, or people voice similar criticisms, go to their souls, penetrate inside and see what sort of people they are. You will realize that there is no need to be racked with anxiety that they should hold any particular opinion about you.” –  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Enough about my life and issues…. I am looking forward to the World Cup final between Argentina and France. Luckily it falls on my day off, so I will be able to enjoy watching it with my family.

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