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5 Key Success Principles You Need To Apply

I will outline 5 key principles that you need to apply to create more success in your life. You can transform your life significantly by applying these proven principles.

Start By Setting Clear Goals

If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. You need to know what you truly want in life before you can start to look at how you are going to get it.

Most people don’t know what they really want to accomplish in their lives. This is the main reason they drift along in life with no real purpose or direction.

If you don’t know what you want in your life yet, do the following exercise:

Grab a blank sheet of A4 paper, write the heading “What I Want In My Life”. Start writing down the things and experiences you want in your life. Don’t limit yourself by thinking how you are going to get them. Just write down whatever you desire until you have filled up both sides of the sheet of paper.

Select 5 items that you want the most from the list that you have created. Get a journal or notebook and write these 5 items or experiences that you want in your life in present tense.

Describe them in detail as if you are already in possession of them or the experiences. These 5 items will be your written goal and you can work towards transforming them in your reality.

Work on writing out these 5 goals as clearly and with as much detail as you can in present tense, until you can really connect with each of them just by reading them out.

Read out you list of 5 goals daily and visualize yourself in possession of the items or experiences you desire. Start experiencing the feelings that go with having achieved each of your goals. Do this as many times as possible, especially after waking up and just before falling asleep.

You are working towards programming these goals into your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind has accepted them, it will start working day and night to transform them into reality.

The above is just an introduction to goal setting and explains the power of written goals, affirmations and visualization. These techniques are essential elements in transforming your goals into reality.

Your written goals are future visions, you need to connect with them in the present to bring this future that you envisioned into your present reality.

Maintain Persistence

Once you have written goals, start creating action plans to enable you to achieve your goals. Your goal is not going to transform into reality without you taking any action. Most of us have not achieved these guru level powers in manifestation yet. Most of us still need to take action to achieve our goals.

Work out what needs to be done daily, write out these action steps and make sure that you perform these daily actions. You need to persist until you have achieved your desired goal.

Most people fail at achieving their goals as they are not able to continue with taking the daily action steps. They make a commitment and break it before they see any results.

Initially your daily actions will not produce any visible results as you are building the foundation and momentum that will start to produce results in the future. You need to work with a delayed gratification mindset and continue taking the necessary actions to achieve your goal.

Practice Continuous Learning

The world is moving at a fast pace, you need to get into the habit of continuous learning. I would suggest that you read a minimum of 10 pages of a book that will provide you with knowledge in your chosen niche.

There are many courses available online that you can use to boost your knowledge in your desired niche. You can become an expert in computer programming, graphic design, digital marketing… and many other fields by studying online.

There are also many valuable course on YouTube that you can access for free. There is no excuse, the knowledge is out there. The only thing that is going to stop you is laziness!

If you really want to make progress in your field, you will need to get into the habit of continuous learning. I have started to learn digital marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, mindset transformation… to enable me build online passive income streams.

I am teaching myself blogging and affiliate marketing by following the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is online and I am able to access it in my own time and work on it at my own pace. There is also a lot of support offered by the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have taught myself how to use the GetResponse Autoresponder, as it is an essential tool for digital marketers. Almost everything you want to learn is available online. I used the tutorial provided by GetResponse to create my autoresponder and also my landing page that I have linked to the domain:

I am working daily towards increasing my knowledge in the Digital Marketing niche.

Manage Your Time Effectively

You need to mange your time effectively to get more done within the day. There are only 24 hours in the day and you need to get whatever needs doing, done in these hours.

Don’t waste time as it is a resource that will never come back to you. If you mange your time effectively, you will be able free up more time for leisure in the future.

I am currently working 12 hour long night-shifts as a corporate security officer. Even with this busy work schedule I manage to find 1.5 hours daily to work on building my two online passive income streams LiveGood and Nexus Rewards.

I know that I need to prioritise my time to make room for carrying out the marketing tasks involved in building my online passive income streams.

My goal is to get out of trading time for money by building passive income streams using the internet. I have cut down on the time I used to spend on watching TV and other unproductive things.

I have started to value my time as it will not come back to me once it is gone. I need to use my time productively to make the most of it.

I have found that having a list of tasks to be do is a good way to getting the most done within the day. If you are not following a to do list, your time will get wasted on unless tasks.

Once others know that you value your time, they will not ask you to do trivial things for them. Your time is your golden asset, share it wisely with others. Not everyone deserves to cut a chuck out of your time.

Having said all this, it is still essential to make time for your family and loved ones. You just need to get the balance right!

Always Keep A Positive Mindset

Your life will not always go according to plan, but you must keep a positive mindset. You may currently be stuck in a rut, but you need to keep a positive mindset to enable yourself to find a way out.

Many adverse things have happened to me in my life, but I have made a decision to entertain a positive mindset. I had fallen into depression, but have manged to pull myself out of it.

I am working towards transforming my mindset to let go of the negative experiences of the past. I do not live in the past anymore and the present is transforming me to become a better version of myself in the future.

I have started to believe in myself again and know that a better life is destined for me in the near future. I have stated to distance myself from negative people and their negative influence on my mindset.

If you want to create a better life and be happy, you will need to always keep a positive mindset. You don’t instantly develop a positive mindset, you need to work towards it.

Mindset transformation has become a subject that I am studying thoroughly, as it is one of the essential ingredients that leads to success. You cannot expect to create a positive life by holding onto a negative mindset.

For your life to become better, your mindset needs to shift. There are many mental exercises that you can use to transform your mindset, some of them being affirmations, visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis and NLP.

I am working on building a substantial monthly passive using the internet to enable me to quit my current employment so that I can use my time to study the things that really interest me. I am working with LiveGood and Nexus Rewards, if you would like to join me, get started immediately. We can work together to escape the trading time for money trap.

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