365 Day Online Passive Income Challenge

I will start on a 365 day challenge to use the internet to build a substantial monthly passive income. My goal will be to build an online passive income of $10,000 monthly.

Part-Time Online Side Hustles

I will start marketing online income opportunities on a part-time basis. My objective is to build up online income streams that are as passive as possible. I know that nothing is 100% passive, but I will put in the initial work to build up income streams that require little maintenance in the future.

I do not want to get involved in the actual selling of physical products as this can be really time consuming. I don’t mind marketing physical products as an affiliate to earn commissions when sales are generate.

I only have approximately 1 hours daily to put into my marketing. I will be able to put in some extra hours on my days off. I am currently working 12 hours shifts as a corporate security officer. I work on average 60 hours weekly.

I will running my internet marketing business on a part-time basis to build up a monthly passive income to enable me to quit my current employment.

I Will Need To Use The Power Of Leverage

As I have a limited amount of time to build a passive income streams online, I will rely on the power of leverage to speed things up.

I will be working with online income opportunities that pay commissions based on a multi-level pay plan. These pay plans are common with network marketing opportunities.

Network marketing opportunities offer commissions on sales generated by the individual ands also on the sales generated by the network they have built up.

I will be focusing on building networks, as I don’t have much time to generate many sales by myself. Most of my commission is going to come from the activity of my network.

I will put in the initial effort to build up networks that will continue to grow and earn me commissions passively.

I will also work with high-ticket affiliate programs, as these will enable me to boost my earnings rapidly. My passive income streams will be a mixture of programs that pay out monthly commissions and also high-ticket affiliate programs.

The high ticket commissions will enable me to fund my online marketing, whilst the monthly passive income streams build up gradually.

I Will Reveal The Online Income Formula

After many failed attempts and some success in the pursuit of making money online, I have discovered the money making formula that top earners are using.

If you don’t use this formula, all your hard work is not going to produce the income that you desire. I have wasted many hours on marketing that is completely wrong.

Many people are making the exact same mistakes that I had been making. I have wasted a large amount of time and money doing it all wrong.

Unless you learn the online income formula, your efforts will produce little results. Top earners will get you to join many opportunities and purchase many products and services, earning them commissions.

You may get stuck with opportunities that require a monthly subscription. The person that referred you to the opportunity will continue earning a monthly commission from your subscription, but you will not be able to earn enough from the opportunity to cover your monthly subscription, let alone profits.

There are a select number of internet marketers that are earning a substantial monthly income, whilst the vast majority are struggling. The top earners are marketing the exact same opportunity as the people that are struggling…. but they are doing something a little differently.

This slight difference can result in massive monthly earning or continuing to struggle month after month. These top earners are using the online income formula, whilst the majority continue to wonder what they are doing wrong.

I Will Document My Results On My YouTube Channel

I will be documenting my 365 Day Online Passive Income Challenge on my YouTube Channel. You will be able to follow my progress and also work with me on the online income opportunities that I will be marketing.

You can join the online income opportunities that I will be promoting and also create a 365 day challenge for yourself. I will reveal the online income formula to the people who decide to work with me on this challenge.

I will be going from $0 to earning over $10,000 monthly in passive income using the internet. The internet offers a power way to build up passive income streams, as the number of people you can connect with is massive.

The online income formula that I will reveal, will allow you to build up large networks in the opportunities that you get involved with. Large global networks will allow you to build up substantial passive income streams within 12 months.

A year of consistent marketing effort will enable you to build up a monthly passive income to replace the earnings from your current employment. You can do this by working this internet based side hustle on a part-time basis.

I will spend a minimum of 1 hour daily to build my online income streams. I have a budget of $300 monthly to fund this venture for the next 12 months.

When Will I Start My 365 Day Online Passive Income Challenge?

I am currently refining The Online Income Formula, it will take a short time to have everything in place. I have spent a lot of time and effort in working out the formula that top earners are using.

The Online Income Formula was not revealed to me by anyone. I had to carry out the research and do the testing to come up with this formula.

You maybe wondering if this formula will work or not. I will let you judge the formula based on the results that I generate on my 365 Day Online Passive Income Challenge.

I know that I have worked out the missing secret that will enable anyone to earn a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

I will put myself on the line by taking this 365 Day Online Passive Income Challenge. I will become the lab rat to prove that the formula works. I will invest my time and money to validate The Online Income Formula.

I will start the challenge on Monday 01st May 2023, I will upload daily videos to my YouTube Channel to document my progress. During the initial 60 days, you may not see any significant results as I will be setting up the system to build up momentum.

I am still working at my current employment as a corporate security officer, and will be working on this challenge on a part-time basis.

The challenge should be complete on Tuesday 30th April 2024, I should have built up an online passive income of over $10,000 monthly by this time.

After many months of struggling at making money using the internet, I have finally managed to work out the secrets used by the top earners. I have created a simple formula that anyone can use to build up substantial steams of passive income using the internet.

I am really excited to start this challenge and I look forward to helping other like minded individual to also build up a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

I could have waited for the right time to start this challenge, but I have decided to start on Monday 01st May 2023 for a reason. You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to get started, you don’t have to wait for a exact time in the year to get started. You can make a decision and get started anytime you want.

I have done some 30 day challenges and also 90 day challenges, this is the first 365 day challenge that I am taking. I am really passionate about this challenge as it will reveal a lot of truths and lies about internet marketing.

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