2022 Is The Year I Create Freedom

On the 25th of January 2022, I decided this was going to be the year that I break free from the trading time for money trap. I have set a goal of earning over $5,000 monthly from this blog.

I will start by writing 100 posts to build up momentum and start driving traffic to this blog from google searches. Everyday, I will write a minimum of one blog post until I reach 100 posts.

I know this is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I have already made the decision and I will make it happen. This blog will be monetized using affiliate marketing and advertising.

Picking Up The Blogging Knowledge

I am learning how to build up and monetize my blog from the training available at Wealthy Affiliate. There is a lot to learn about niche selection and keyword research. I have selected my niche as creating passive income using the internet. This will cover affiliate marketing, network marketing, advertising programs, print on demand, info products and online courses.

It is really hard to get ranked on google in the niche that I have selected. There is a lot of competition from bloggers who are well established in this niche. I will have to drill down and narrow the niche further to find keywords and key phrases that my blog will have the opportunity to get ranked for.

The little free time that I have is split between blogging and carrying out research to enable my posts to get ranked on google and ultimately monetized using affiliate marketing.

Monetizing My Niche Blog

I have a number of opportunities that I am using to help me monetize my blog. You can view them by clicking here. I know that it will take some time for the blog earnings to build up to a significant amount. I have given myself 24 months to build up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using this blog.

Some people may see this as an almost impossible mission, but I know it is absolutely possible to do it. The training and support at Wealthy Affiliate will enable me to achieve this goal.

Every post that I write is getting me closer to achieving my desired goal. It is just a matter of time for the money to start flowing in. I will remain focused and consistent with my blogging until this dream has become my reality.

Earning Advertising Revenue

Once the blog is getting over 10,000 monthly page views, I will monetize it using adverts from google adsense and later on using mediavine. This will become an additional stream of passive income.

I hope to start earning advertising revenue from the blog within 12 months. I am waiting for more posts to get indexed by google.

Once there is a steady stream of advertising revenue generated, I will use this revenue to fund the creation of more blog posts.

In the future I will create more blogs that will enable me to create multiple streams of online passive income. The income streams will eventually become relatively passive, as the blogs will require little maintenance and a few additional posts.

Sacrificing My Sleep To Pursue My Dream

This dream of building up a monthly online passive income of over $5,000 within 24 months has become my obsession. I cannot rest until I have written my blog post. I am sacrificing my sleep to enable me to transform this dream into reality.

While most people sleep or entertain themselves with news and Netflix shows, I invest my time in building my dream. The vision of earning $5,000 monthly in passive income has become crystal clear in my mind, I know that it is about to manifest very soon.

There will be many people ridiculing me and trying to persuade me that this is not going to work out. Most of them are in fact secretly jealous of what I am doing. They know that they don’t have the motivation and persistence to follow a similar route.

The people who have already achieved financial freedom will not be bothered by what I am doing. They will know that I am driven by my dream. They know the power of a dream, especially when it is fuelled by massive action.

Highly successful people always encourage others towards success. The failures in life always try and keep others from becoming successful. They want to keep them on their level and find it difficult to see them progress to a level higher than themselves.

I have decided to leave this game of jealousy and help as many people that I can to succeed using the same blueprint that I am currently following.

I have no problem with someone earning more money than myself. My definition of success is only determined by myself. I have set my own goals and working towards accomplishing them.

Every person has a different dream, we don’t all want the same things in life. We all have different financial and happiness goals.

I Have Decided To Live My Life On My Own Terms

I used to worry a lot about what other people would think about the things I planned on doing. This way of thinking had stopped me from doing what I truly want to do in my life.

I had neglected my happiness and also my family’s happiness just to keep other people happy. These, let’s just call them “other people”, don’t care a single iota about my happiness.

Sometimes in life you need to step away from the blood suckers that will try and use you as much as they can and also take away from you as much as they can grab.

The turning point in my life has come at a very late stage in my life, better late than never. I will do whatever I can to create the future I deserve and the one that my family should have had.

Nobody can take away from me that which has been destined for me. All the lies, deception and trickery will not suffice to hold me back, as I am determined to create the future I truly desire.

I will no longer live a life to please the people that should have been out of my life a long time ago. I have suffered enough along with my family. It is now time to make a change, make a difference and live life on my own terms.

The future is unfolding in front of me and this time I am in the driving seat. I also have the map to take me to the destination I desire. Life is a journey and I plan to enjoy every part of this amazing adventure that is about to unfold.

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