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14 Things That Really Annoy Me On London’s Public Transport

In this post I will list 14 things that I find really annoying on London’s public transport network. I want to get away from using this outdated and horrendous transport system.

1. People Not Paying For Their Journey On Public Transport

There are many people not paying their fares on the trains. They just wait behind someone and tailgate the barriers. The fair paying majority end up paying for these fare dodgers.

When a revenue protection officers gets on the train to check the tickets and passes, they just make an excuse and walk out at the next station, and get back onto the next train.

I have seen this happen so many times and is becoming a frequent occurrence. These fare dodgers need to be stopped, we should not have to compensate for the lost revenue.

2. People Smoking And Drinking On Public Transport

You get many people smoking cigarettes in bus shelters, this is really annoying when it’s raining. They seem to have no consideration for others.

Vaping has become a common occurrence on all forms of public transport. There are many school children vaping on the buses and trains during rush hour.

There are also many people rolling up joints on the buses and trains. The stench of cannabis overtakes the confined space. There is also the smokers stench lingering from their clothes and breath.

In the morning you get the construction workers picking up biscuits, cakes and croissants, along with cans of beer to wash down this travelling breakfast.

There are also the hardcore alcoholics drinking cans of toxic cider, and cheap vodka mixed with even cheaper energy drinks. Some of them try and be a little discrete by wrapping the cans in black carrier bags.

Most of these construction workers pick up another round of drinks to consume on public transport on their way back from work. The pubs have gone out of business, it’s the off licenses that are raking in the money, by selling cheap booze.

3. People Eating Smelly Food On Public Transport

You get many people eating on public transport, as they are trying to save time. They work multiple jobs and treat public transport like their own kitchen. Some people go as far as eating smelly foods like fried fish on the train.

Eating fast food on the buses and trains has become normal. You get school children eating fried chicken and chips on the buses and trains after school. There is food and drink spilt all over the bus and train seats.

The buses smell like a fast food shop, and are littered with the food packaging. Having fast food after school has become a must for most school kids, along with cheap energy drinks.

4. People Yelling On Their Mobile Phones On Public Transport

You get these idiots yelling on their mobile phones on the bus. Some of them have the conversation on loud speaker. It’s like they are talk to each other from one mountain top to another.

The technology on mobile phones is able to pick up the slightest noise. It’s their brains that has not evolved. They have no consideration for other passengers.

Some of them have made it a habit to just ramble on the phone. They are the idea candidates to have a chip implanted in their brain that hooks up to their mobile phone, a few more lab rats for Elon.

5. People Treating Public Transport As Own Their Private Disco

There are many people on buses and trains with music from their mobile phones on full blast. Some go as far as using blue tooth speaker to blast out the music.

Most of these people have come across a mobile phone for the first time in their lives and want the whole world to know that they can play music on it.

Ear pods and headphones are very cheap these days. Nobody wants to hear their crappy music. The music they listen to goes along with their character.

6. People Taking Up Multiple Seats On Public Transport

Some people take up multiple seats with their bags. They don’t have the decency to move their bags when the train or bus becomes full. They should realize that the have only paid one fare.

You get some idiots sleeping on the train, taking up multiple seats. Some one should wake them up and tell them that public transport is not their bedroom. A great way to start and argument, leading to a fight.

You the the other type with one leg hooked up on top of the thigh of the other, taking up two seats. If anyone seats next to they would get dirt on their clothes from the shoe.

7. People Waking And Watching Their Mobile Phone Screens

You get many idiots walking around inside the train station, look at their mobile phone screen. The get off the train and start walking at a snail’s pace, glued to their phone screen. This creates a lot of congestion in the stations, as people try and squeeze pass them.

I would not feel a bit sorry for them, if their mobile phone gets snatched out of their hand. They are literally asking for it, as they also have ear pods or headphones on. They are not aware of their surroundings at all. They are living in a fantasy world, and exposing themselves to danger in the real world.

8. People Intoxicated On Public Transport

The number of people travelling on public transport that are intoxicated has increased rapidly. Some of the get intoxicated with alcohol on public transport and other board public transport already intoxicated.

I have seen a grown woman pee herself in her clothes whilst drinking from a large can of Red Bull. The urine flooded the floor of the train during rush hour.

During the weekend and late at night, there are many people urinating and vomiting on the buses and trains. The seats on the train and buses are filthy.

9. People Being Complete Idiots On Public Transport

There are also many groups of teenagers roaming around on public transport making a nuisance of themselves. The keep hold the train doors open and move around from carriage to carriage.

The put their feet on the seats, the dirt from their shoes makes the seats filthy. The make a lot of noise, disturbing polite passenger using the public transport network.

You also get some teenagers going around robbing people. They the most venerable people in society. There are also professional pick pockets and beggars operating on London’s public transport network.

10. People Ringing The Bus Stop Bell Multiple Times

You also get school children continuously ringing the bell that signals the bus driver to stop. This is really annoying, but I think this is a design flaw.

Once the button has been pressed once the bell show not ring on subsequent pressed, until the bus reaches the next stop. This can be rectified, but it will cost a lot of money.

You get grown adults pressing the stop bell on the bus, even though it’s show that the bus is going to stop in bright lights. I sometimes wonder “Are these people compete idiots?”.

11. People Pushing Past You In The Queue

I have grown up in London from the late 1970’s… and I remember there was a queuing system that people followed. Everyone used to stand line and get on to the buses and trains in an orderly manner.

As London’s population has gone up, the manners have gone down the drain. You get people pushing past you to get on the buses trains, with no regard to the fact that you have been waiting there before them.

Most of them don’t have any manners, they will jump the queue to get in font of women, children and the elderly. The school children also have no respect for the older generation.

I would say that a lot of it is due to negative programming from Social Media. They possess short attention spans and a lack of morality.

12. People Taking Their Bikes And Scooters On Public Transport

The public transport network in London is already pushed to the limit. The trains are always ram packed, on top of this… you get idiots pushing their bikes and scooters on the train.

There are announcements made regularly to inform everyone that bikes and scooters are not allowed on trains. These announcements are ignored by these idiots. They push the bikes and scooters, with dirty wheels onto packed trains.

One day someone is going to flip and send the bike and the owner flying out of the train. These disrespectable idiots should only use their bikes on the road. Scooter should be banner totally, as the pavements are already packed with people.

13. People Taking Up Priority Seats On Public Transport

The most annoying thing that I see on London’s public transport network is people taking up priority seats, while the people that need them are made to stand.

These seats are to be give up to the elderly, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities. I find this annoying, but most of the fault lies with Transport For London (TFL), as they have not upgraded the network to deal with higher passenger volumes.

The fares have increased regularly, but the service has deteriorated. I don’t know where the revenue from the fares has been spent. Most of the trains on the central line are ancient. There are massive craters on the seats. If you manage to sit down, you bum get stuck in a the crater on the seat.

London is meant to be one of the wealthiest cities in the world, but in reality it is one of the worst cities to live in for the working class. If you are wealthy, you can avoid public transport and all the riff raff in the streets.

14. Delayed Buses And Trains

There are many strikes affecting London’s transport network regularly. This causes chaos for passengers, especially those working in jobs that they have to be their in person.

Many trains get cancelled due to insignificant reasons like leaves on the track. On the central line there are not enough trains, as they have to the taken out to get services. These trains are ancient and just getting glued back together and not replaced.

Buses always run late or are cancelled, and you don’t get a reason for the lateness or cancellations. The public transport network in London is shattered.

Thanks For Taking Note Of My Rant

I have had enough of London’s public transport network. I experience delays on a regular basis. I have to catch a bus and two trains to get into work. This journey to and from work has become a nightmare.

I spend £100’s monthly on purchasing a travel card, but never get refunded for the strikes, cancellations and delays that I face to face regularly.

I want to get to a position where I don’t have to travel into work. I am currently working on building a monthly passive income using the internet.

The less I use this shattered public transport system the better it will be for me. I will be able to free myself from this trading time for money employment by building passive income streams.

Leave your comment below, related to things that annoy you on public transport networks.

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