10 Minutes And 24 Months Later

In this post, I am going to offer you the opportunity to build a passive income of over $5,000 monthly using the internet in 24 months.

You will be working with a well established system that has been operating for over 17 years. You have the opportunity to work with me in a mastermind group.

First 10 Minutes

You will need to make a decision immediately after reading through this post. It may take you 10 minutes to read this post and comprehend the offer.

The system you will be using is Wealthy Affiliate. You will be building a niche blog and monetizing it using affiliate marketing.

It does not matter if you don’t know what a niche blog is or much about affiliate marketing. This system offers you step by step training.

The added bonus that you will have is my support. I will be there to guide you and also provide some motivation. I am on the same journey that you will get started with. I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate system since March 2022.

If you cannot come to a decision with 10 minutes, you are not ready for this opportunity yet. Every successful person is able to come to a decision quickly, when all the information is in front of them.


What you need to do today is the join Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free and learn exactly how it all works before you make a commitment. You don’t need a credit/debit card to access the system. Just create a free account and test drive the system.

This system is 100% transparent and you also have access to valuable training, even as a free member. If you want to transform your lifestyle, you need to make a decision right now.

You can work this opportunity on a part-time basis and build up a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and start your journey towards creating freedom using the internet.

First Week

During the first week you will selecting the niche you want to blog about. Once you have selected your niche, you will set up your blog.

All the training is provided and you will get support from Wealthy Affiliate, the Wealth Affiliate community and I will also be there for you.

With this system you will never be left in the dark, there will always be someone there to answer your concerns and also support you.

This is a community focused on making each other successful by providing support and motivation.

First Month

During your first month, you will research keywords and start writing and posting content on your blog. You will know exactly what is required for your blog to start earning you money.

By the end of the first month, you will become familiar with keyword research and writing and posting content on your blog.

The first month’s training will teach you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about and how you are going to monetize your blog.

First 9 Months

After the first 9 months, the posts on your blog will get ranked for keywords by Google. You will start to see visitors coming into your blog from searches carried out on Google.

It will be time to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. You will join various affiliate programs and affiliate networks related to your niche. You will place the links that you get from these affiliate programs into your blog posts.

Once visitors reading your blog posts click on these links and purchase products and services, you will earn commissions. The commissions you earn will start to increase as more of your posts are indexed and ranked.

You should continue with researching keywords and uploading more posts. The momentum will have been created to take your blog to the next level.

First 12 Months

By the 12th month, you should be earning a monthly income from your blog that continues to increase month after month.

The commissions will start to build up and you can also promote affiliate program that pay recurring commissions to add to your monthly passive income.

The fruits of your initial 12 months of hard work will start to materialize. The first 12 months will be used to build the foundation of your blog.

As you continue adding more posts, your monthly earnings will start to increase. Your blog posts will now get indexed faster. The monthly passive income generate by your blog will start to increase at an exponential rate.

First 24 Months

Once you have been blogging regularly for 24 months, you should have built up a monthly passive income of over $5,000.

You can take a step back and just post when necessary, and just tweak your existing posts. The earnings from your blog should now become relatively passive.

Your job now is to maintain your blog to keep the commissions coming in. This will free up more of your time and you should be in a position to leave any employment that you were engaged in.

Working on this on a part-time basis for 24 months should enable you to build up a substantial monthly income that can free you from your job.

Most people are stuck in the trading time for money trap. I have decided to take action to enable me to leave my current employment.

There is always a way out of any situation that you find yourself in. You do not have to accept your current financial situation as your permanent financial situation.

Money is a flow of energy that is attracted by creating value. Your goal as a blogger is to provide value via your posts and the money will surely flow in.

The amount of money you will earn, will depend on the amount of value you provide. We all have something of value to provide to others. The internet makes it possible to provide this value to the masses and get compensated for it.

Don’t sell yourself short in life, you can achieve much more than you currently have. Take action to transform your dreams into your reality.

By now you have read through this post and the time has come to make your decision. Are you going to do something to change your current financial situation or are you going to keep on complaining and blaming others.

You have the opportunity to create the freedom you truly desire…..

Join Wealthy Affiliate now, and start building your dream. I will be there to support you on the journey.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only share products and services that may offer you real value. Disclosure here.

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