10 Financial Strategies The Wealthy Keep Under Wraps


The journey to wealth often seems surrounded by an aura of mystique. Whispered tales suggest the wealthy possess secrets that they guard ferociously. But what if these tales held grains of truth? Let’s unravel the ten money rules that give the rich an edge in the financial game. Once you learn and apply these rules, you too can create financial freedom.

1. The Game-Changing Bank Account Switch

The Shift To Business Accounts

Many are unaware that the nature of their bank account can greatly influence their financial trajectory. A majority have their salaries directed to personal accounts where taxes are immediately deducted. The wealthy, however, prefer a more strategic approach. They ensure their incomes flow directly into business accounts.

You can get you salary paid to you into your business account by opting to work as a contractor instead of working as an employee. This move will put you in charge of paying your taxes.

Benefits Of The Switch

This simple move offers multiple benefits:

  1. Control Over Taxes: By controlling when to pay their taxes, they can strategically invest the sum, potentially multiplying it before parting with it.
  2. Business Expense Deductions: Operating from a business account allows for legitimate business expense deductions, which can significantly reduce the tax liability.

2. Assets: The Real Inflation Fighters

Understanding Inflation

For many, inflation is merely an economic term. But the rich see it differently. To them, inflation is a covert thief, quietly eating away at their money’s value. And in a world where currencies can be printed, the effects of inflation can be amplified.

The Power Of Assets

As fiat money decreases in value, tangible assets like property, gold, and stocks tend to appreciate or at least hold their value. By holding and investing in such assets, the wealthy ensure their wealth remains intact or even grows during inflationary periods. Your object is to move the fiat money you earn into assets that appreciate in value or playout a passive income.

3. Avoiding The Liability Trap

The Allure Of Depreciating Assets

Societal norms often equate luxury items with success. However, many of these, like high-end cars, lose value over time. They’re liabilities. The initial stage of building wealth requires you to refrain from luxuries that don’t bring in any income.

The Rich Perspective

The wealthy might indulge in luxury, but they prioritize assets that appreciate in value. Real estate, certain collectibles, stocks, and businesses usually take precedence over fancy gadgets or vehicles.

4. Embracing Smart Debt

Rethinking Debt

Debt, in the eyes of many, is a monster. But the rich recognize that not all debt is detrimental. Debt, when used wisely, can be a tool – a form of leverage. The wealthy use debt to purchase assets that appreciate in value.

Strategic Borrowing

The wealthy often borrow money at low interest rates to invest in opportunities with higher returns. This difference between the borrowing rate and the return rate amplifies their wealth. For example, investing in prime real estate often involves borrowing, but the appreciation and rental income can far exceed the interest on the borrowed sum.

5. Living Within (And Below) Your Means

The Simplicity Of The Principle

It might seem fundamental, but spending less than you earn remains a cardinal rule for wealth accumulation.

Adapting To This Mindset

  1. Budgeting: Regularly monitoring income and expenses ensures financial discipline.
  2. Prioritizing Needs Over Wants: A momentary luxury isn’t worth long-term financial strain.

6. The Golden Financial Law Of The Exponential Age

The Rise Of Tech Stocks

Technological advancements have ushered in an era where tech stocks often experience exponential growth. Giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google dominate the scene, but there’s potential aplenty.

Riding The Exponential Wave

Understanding and capitalizing on the principles of exponential growth, like network effects, can provide lucrative investment returns. Investing in emerging tech companies or sectors can position one for massive future gains.

7. Passive Income: The Ultimate Wealth Builder

Breaking Down Passive Income

Earning without active effort might sound like fantasy, but it’s a reality for many. Passive income sources, like book royalties or real estate rentals, offer financial stability and growth.

Setting Up Passive Streams

While it requires initial effort, once established, passive income streams demand minimal oversight. They ensure money keeps flowing in, irrespective of active employment or endeavors.

8. The Continuous Investment In Self

Why Self-Growth Matters

The marketplace is dynamic. The rich understand that to remain relevant, continuous personal and professional development is non-negotiable.

Methods Of Self-Improvement

From formal education and certifications to seminars and books, the avenues are limitless. Investing in oneself ensures adaptability and enhances earning potential.

9. The Power Of Networking And Mentorship

The Influence Of Associations

We’re often shaped by our surroundings. Associating with financially savvy individuals provides insights, opportunities, and growth.

Building A Rich Network

The wealthy prioritize attending industry events, joining mastermind groups, and seeking mentorship. Such connections not only offer knowledge but often lead to tangible opportunities.

10. Striking The Balance Between Risk And Reward

Understanding Financial Risks

Every investment carries risk. However, potential rewards often scale with the level of risk.

Navigating The Risk Landscape

The rich don’t shy away from risks; they manage them. Diversifying investments and continually reassessing portfolios ensures they’re positioned for growth while being shielded from catastrophic downturns.


Acquiring knowledge is just the starting point. The magic lies in application. Whether you’re just beginning your financial journey or are well into it, these principles, when consistently applied, can catalyze your transition to affluence. In the end, the journey towards financial freedom is determined not by what you know but by what you do with what you know.

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